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    Nexxon, can we have world chating?

    Let them see this
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    Friendly Challenges: Let all players watch attacks

    Agree. If i drop 1 troop sometime it show attack button not the result button
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    stop this stupid event

    I got 80 walls manuals
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    Google Play remains disconnected

    Same here. Still not loadig
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    Android Not Loading

    Maybe their patents on google play expired
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    Android Not Loading

    I dont have any notification
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    Android Not Loading

    Same. With me
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    Has anybody upgraded the Dock?

    I will stay at lv6. Commit 5-6 workers. Thank you.
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    Question(s) about selling artifacts

    Thank for your tips. Unlock to lv2 then sell to get more blueprints. BluePrints real bottneck
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    War Hall Artifacts Locked

    Same with me. But i can upgrade when found opponents
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    Commandos on raiding in 1 hours

    9m Gold 7m Food 24K oil Videos include My raiding 1 day and 2 day ago too. Posted my war stategies here:
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    wall connection with bastion

    Tested. They actually stop troops
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    Friendly Challenge Bugs

    Nexxon, TinSoldier
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    Friendly Challenge Bugs

    If your friend post challenge. You attacked it. then he repost challenge. Your attack again,and it wont record. It alway show Challenge updating, and when you wait long enough the text disappear and you keep attacks again but no result button showing. Only attack button.
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    wall connection with bastion

    does the gap like this can stop troops?
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    Nexxon, can we have world chating?

    Yeah. Make world chat please. Nexxon
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    Reducing building time

    Agree. Make it happen
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    Nexxon, can we have world chating?

    I think that will have to grow and keep community online. Help new players, since not so many clan are super active. Thank you
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    Commandos: A (Barely Now) Viable Troop?

    Im using commandos stategies for months. Not that hard to get 5* with 1-2 troops tatics, some Hard base required 4. My combo for 155 troops space are: 19 commandos, 3 foot shooters, 5 decoys 2 sabotages, 1 Blitz. Alliancegate fill with zooks for best, But HTs are ok. First: look at the base to...
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    one move to reduce cheating and bring life to dominations

    I agree with you. Just fix bug. This Game is healthy now.