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  1. Caesars legion

    New single player campaigns.

    I've posted this before, but... french and Indian wars - gunpowder age Boers war - enlightenment age Napoleonic wars - enlightenment age
  2. Caesars legion

    Big Ol' List of "Great" Ideas!!

    Good work, but I have a few things that I'd like to mention: The USA would have either Minutement or Navy Seals Your USA bonus idea is too weak. It should be: +33% oil generation. +50% chance of getting furs when hunting. Expeditions take 10% less time. The Russians would have the "Cossack,"...
  3. Caesars legion

    Event idea: American Revolution

    Yeah, that might be better.
  4. Caesars legion

    Event idea: American Revolution

    Defeat "x" amount of bases to receive a limited-time Militia House. Militia house let's you train minutemen, and also deploys them on defence instantly.
  5. Caesars legion

    A New Nation

    Something about expansion, resources, aircraft, factory troops, etc.
  6. Caesars legion

    National alliances / Commonwealths

    It would be cool if you could make a special type of alliance with others if the same nation. In this alliance, you could donate troops, and trade resources*. It would only hace a small member capacity. Give me your thought in the comments. * With a daily / weeekly cap
  7. Caesars legion

    Abilities for generals

    Thank you!
  8. Caesars legion

    Complete overhaul

    Thank you!
  9. Caesars legion

    Please listen to us!

    It's an expirement.
  10. Caesars legion

    Complete overhaul

    Thank you. Some of those ideas were from other people, who developed the original idea, but I came up with the rest.
  11. Caesars legion

    Please listen to us!

    I have never has a forum moderator comment on one of my posts. If you are reading this, and are a moderator, please post.
  12. Caesars legion

    Purchase/Exchange between Recources

    Unfortunately, I don't think this is possible (:() however, I had an idea about trade goods in my new post, which would be revolutionary. It would sell trade goods to the highest bidder.
  13. Caesars legion

    Top Tip for Designers/Developers

    You're exactly right.
  14. Caesars legion

    Complete overhaul

    This is a list of things which I think would make the game much, much better. Nexon, PLEASE listen to these, and actually put them in the game. 1. NAVY The game would be SO MUCH BETTER if there was at least some aspect of ships involved in the game. You would unlock the Dock in the iron age...
  15. Caesars legion

    Day-night cycle and Dynamic Weather!

    I've already suggested it, but i didn't get much feedback. Good idea, though.
  16. Caesars legion

    Please Add Persian Nation to the Game!

    You should try civ 5 or civ 6. I have Civ 5 and civ 6 seems much better.
  17. Caesars legion

    An A new nation ideas

    Or the Maori?
  18. Caesars legion

    An A new nation ideas

    What about the Zulus?
  19. Caesars legion

    An A new nation ideas

    I know who all of those are.