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    High medal range and events

    Hi, I've tried several times to go up into the leagues with the problem that... everytime that there is an event where we need to attack a lot you are forced to drop medals. I find very unfair that just for being big Nexon is asking me to spend much more hours to complete the event (even...
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    Option to quickly Medal Down

    The resource matching stuff is a nonsense. Leave it as it is. Right now if you do not like the opponent you search for another one. What's the problem? The resources being able to raid in different medal counts it is just a reflexion of how difficult is to raid within that medal range. If at...
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    Enable copy war base into multiplayer base in editor

    You can copy a base layout from your multiplayer editor screen to your war base editor screen but not the other way round and I do not see the reason why not being able to do it. It would allow us to send challenges of our warbase layouts adding blessings which is not possible to do right now...
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    Matching suggestion - use expenditure as well as delta

    Indirectly it is already the case. Alliances that spend more have more xp and are matched to other alliances that have more xp. If they know how to play they are in the top rankings
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    Banned for using Matrix glitch - lazy devs betraying their users

    Would be fun to open a new post for the rehabilitation after a ban xd I imagine lots of players facing the problems of being cold war age, without silo, with global troops and no uni neither museum. A nightmare for several months?
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    Matrix glitch cheating instructions posted and BHG does nothing

    Typical "rollback". I've seen some (and for the players that complain Nexon is doing these sort of bans. You forgot.. - walls to lvl 14 - generals to lvl 40 (if you had them at 60 before) - Airport armory and factory at global age level BUT you are still Cold war Age - silo gone - coalitions at...
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    Assault tactic lvl 4

    Great! thanks
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    When to Max Ages? What can be left behind?

    The only bootleneck to go faster (if ressources are solved by farming) is the workers number. I am in favor of passing age everytime that your attack troops are maxed (so that you can continue with the farming) until you have the maximum number of workers. You'll go 33% faster with 16 workers...
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    Assault tactic lvl 4

    Hi all, There was a topic that I cannot find where people were complaining about Assault tactic lvl 4 being buggy so.. I decided not to upgrade mine. Are there any news? Anyone knows if the troops-freezing problems continue or if it has been solved? Thanks,
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    glory not working well

    hi, we are around 900 in the ranking and now facing aliance in te position 102 and... we'll lose 972 of glory. Previous war was similar and is definitelly not fun. Is not a matter of sandbags.. just the glory is not correct or i would say the other way round. Please fix it.. please..
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    Space Age MP

    You do not need to be lvl 300 space age to crash such bases. Just 6 mk7s with some uni research done and 5 planes to take out antitanks.. and if the museum is high then some curation tactics
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    CWA player ranking and weight

    The xp of 8 landmines is not enough for 45 lvls difference.. Only Nexon knows what they've touched (or not!)
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    Any Suggestion to Increase Glory in World War Matchmakings?

    It means that you are always paired with alliances much lower in the ranking than you. Remove sandbags if you use any. I am curious, are you launching wars of how many members?
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    Space Age on the Horizon!

    Saruman.. then you would find alliances with iron players that have espace age troops. Doing matchmaking in wars more difficult for some / more interesting for others. I can see people very happy as would open new team strategies for wars (basically being able to upgrade sandbags). Others very...
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    CWA player ranking and weight

    Yes, I agree. Something got wrong from the last week (at least). We've observed the same phenomena. In my aliance our number 1 in war now is an atomic. All 5-6 CWA players that we have appear behind him (and some are >260 lvl!). The rank in the war spreadsheet I do not care but.. I wonder that...
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    Perhaps a Cheater?

    He does not appear in website so.. I guess he is already banned?
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    Tactics dilemma

    "U must be an attacker with low defense" Could be xd You are talking about super top attackers that may even "guess" correctly where you have your traps... The problem would be easy 5* against your base with 3D. Is that the case? You are correct saying that the new tactic is very...
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    Troop Combinations

    It is still a very valid combo for atomic player or CWA player if not attacking top bases. I do believe you need that extra 15% of german attack coupled with factory troops to take down very high level cold war bases
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    Tactics dilemma

    Hi, This is a race arms. Unless you are a full defensive CWA you'll always find somebody that will easy take down your base. First the difference in war was the level of buildings and troops, then the uni, then the coalitions level, then the extra troop cards, now the museum. If you are not at...
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    War Attack Issue : Loading Enemy's Base as Home Base

    No Angel. I've seen similar. I believe it is a connection problem. The game wants to load enemies base, loses wifi and charges your base that is in the cache