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  1. Jacuer

    General has disappeared

    Yes the more dmg the generals take, the longer cooldown time they have. Max is 24 hours... You also need to remember, that if you activate a general, but fail to attack. The general will be used if you get attacked.. So remember to deactivate the general again,.
  2. Jacuer

    Hiya new player here, so far loving it

    If you want to rush to next age, is really up to you.. The benefit doing it are more defense, and better troops.. But maxing everything out before moving on, is in the end a stronger defense.. Later on it takes a while to do that, but for me the end results is better.. But do as you please 😊...
  3. Jacuer

    Changing city name

    There are no way you can do that atm.
  4. Jacuer

    Hello World!

    Welcome and have fun 😉
  5. Jacuer

    How many of us are Clash of Clans players?

    I did play Coc but quite 2 months ago, i got bored whit it after reaching lvl 106..
  6. Jacuer

    notifications, new troop

    I usually get notification when my troops are ready, so it's there already.. But it doesn't work 100 % though.
  7. Jacuer

    The improvements which it is absolutely necessary to have

    Nice going skillz 😆 But ya a lot of good ideas
  8. Jacuer

    [Help] Found a strange target. Is this because of the Norte Dame?

    The buildings missing got nothing to do with Norte Dame, it's either a glitch or a cheat.. As for his lvl, im not to sure about..
  9. Jacuer

    Sharing Raids So We Can Help Newcomers

    This is a thing that's missing in clans yes
  10. Jacuer

    Direct control of combat units

    They just need to sharpen the Ai of some troops 😉
  11. Jacuer

    Peace treaty question

    Hi Exnoke it depends how many stars you're attacker got. A 100% attack gives you 12 hours if my memory serves me right.
  12. Jacuer

    tips for beginners

    Ok there is no way you can loot 3 to 4 million combined loot in 1 hour, giving training time of your army no matter what you use. That's just not gonna happen..
  13. Jacuer

    where is the gold?

    If the markets are full, they will glow. What i often do, is to place 1 unit in a corner. That way i can see where all the gold bags are, and deploy troops accordingly.
  14. Jacuer


    You can research more walls in the library
  15. Jacuer


    I think the timers are similar to other games of this type, it just takes patience some times. Coming from Coc a 5 days wait is not a problem for me, since im used to wait 14 days for some upgrades there
  16. Jacuer

    Is it possible to change Nation ?

    No atm there is not. I can't say if they will ever implement such an option.
  17. Jacuer

    Best nation

    I can recommend reading the sticky guide, that's in this section of the forum. It all depends what kind of player you are... My self is an offensive player, that choose the Romans because of the army size.. And so far im happy with them.
  18. Jacuer

    Attacked by an army of 552 Troop Space

    Stop wasting our time whit your spam, nobody gonna help you that way...
  19. Jacuer

    Dropping Medals

    You can also use horse Raiders that only go for loot, so you often loose the raid but gain loot.