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  1. Graewulf I

    Victorious Ones now recruiting

    Join us today! 😎👍🏻
  2. Graewulf I

    Dead Alliances

    That was my exact time I had mentioned to the Game. 100 days.
  3. Graewulf I

    Why I'm quitting

    I agree totally with your post. My only complaint is that there are so many inactive Alliances when you are searching for a new one, but even that isn’t a problem with players that are solo or in a long relationship with same Alliance.
  4. Graewulf I

    Dead Alliances

    The Alliances with no one active for over 100 days or so should be eliminated. Give notice maybe, but when searching for Alliances to join it is ridiculous to have to scroll through hundreds of Alliances where even the Leader has hung up their hat long ago. Please please wipe these off. Thanks!
  5. Graewulf I

    Victorious Ones Alliance . Join for the New Year!

    We have 3 active players and our immediate goal is to have 10 so we can War which is the natural progression in this game. No medals 🏅 to join! Starting out we ask for at least once a week activity. Once we get to 10, we hope you have the motivation to participate more often. Check us out today!
  6. Graewulf I

    Victorious Ones, A New Alliance for active players! JOIN!

    Victorious Ones, is a fairly new Alliance with only 3 members. I, Graewulf I, am the leader. I am committed to helping new players grow and succeed. I am at level 243. I would like 7 active players to join me so we can War. Join us! 100 medals 🏅 to join, but I will make exceptions. I would like...
  7. Graewulf I

    Looking for Alliance members!

    Building new Alliance for new or advanced players. Join today!
  8. Graewulf I

    Looking for Alliance members!

    The new Alliance, Victorious Ones has a place for you to build, grow, and learn. Hang out here and when we get to 10]
  9. Graewulf I

    New? Join an Alliance!

    Alliance forming: Victoriousaints. Come join and learn a few things along the way.
  10. Graewulf I

    Victoriousaints Alliance needs you! Join today.

    Come learn, War, Grow and have fun! We will be victors!
  11. Graewulf I

    Alliance Research v8.4 Update

    Why would someone that has been playing over 5 years be in an Alliance but never be in any Wars or donate to Parliament laws. All they do is occasionally ask and get troop donations. Please give me your thoughts if this is good gameplay.
  12. Graewulf I


    how should war base differ from war base?