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  1. KingDarius

    Join Royal Syndicate! Perk 20 24k+glory.

    Royal Syndicate is recruiting! We are perk 20 with a fully maxed out parliament. We are currently ranked ~130 with 24k+ glory. We have a solid group of top notch players & are looking for talented players to round out our roster on our quest to the top 100!
  2. KingDarius

    Join Royal Syndicate! Perk 20 24k+glory.

    Up to 23,298 glory! We are currently approx top 200 alliances striving for a top 100 spot. Recruiting talented attackers & defenders who want to help us achieve our goals
  3. KingDarius

    Member Recruitment

    Royal syndicate is currently recruiting skilled attackers & defenders as we continue to climb the leaderboard striving for a top 100 spot.
  4. KingDarius

    Command post lvl 13

    I’ve been arguing with customer support for over a week because I crowned it to lvl 13 and it stayed lvl 12. They’re clueless. They keep saying I crowned it to lvl 12. They are wrong about how much food & how many crowns also. They clearly don’t have logs or they don’t care to actually look...
  5. KingDarius

    Join Royal Syndicate! Perk 20 24k+glory.

    Since our last post, we have continued to grow at a rapid rate. We are now perk 16 with 22k+ glory and more than 10 lvl 300+ players. We are currently recruiting skilled players of all ages. Join now!
  6. KingDarius

    Command post lvl 13

    The command post won’t upgrade to lvl 13. I tried crowning it and it took my crowns and resources but stayed lvl 12. I know others have upgraded to lvl 13 but it won’t let me. I know other players have been having the same issue also. Tried reaching out to customer support. No answer yet.
  7. KingDarius

    Join Royal Syndicate! Perk 20 24k+glory.

    We are still growing fast. We’ve been gifted a stronger parliament from a former top alliance. We have all the most important stuff in parliament completed!! We are also now perk 15 and have continued our winning ways with a current record of 39 wins and only 1 loss. Ideal candidates for our...
  8. KingDarius

    Join Royal Syndicate! Perk 20 24k+glory.

    Update: 17k+ glory & growing quick.
  9. KingDarius

    Join Royal Syndicate! Perk 20 24k+glory.

    Royal syndicate are currently recruiting gunpowder age and up players who want to participate in wars. Farmers of all ages are also welcome. We are undefeated since restarting this alliance 2 months ago. We war back to back. We are led by a veteran info age player who can provide top level...
  10. KingDarius

    Quality control

    How about nexon gets a quality control team to test out these "patches" and updates before making it live? Or maybe a proper customer service team who answers inquiries?
  11. KingDarius

    DomiActive™ Fury is recruiting! Very active alliance, lots of donations + war often

    Hi Everyone, Here at DomiActive™ Fury you can expect your troop requests being filled quickly usually with GA, AA troops. We are a friendly group with the majority of our 41 allies ranging between level 160-207. We have many members who donate 1000+ troops per season. We go to war often and win...
  12. KingDarius

    Extremely frustrating

    I don't know how much more of these crashes I can take. Every time I enter a battle and deploy my troops the game crashes and I lose the troops/peace treaty/gold. Running the game on IOS. I enjoy the game more than coc when it works but currently this is not playable. Every time I try to...
  13. KingDarius

    Defender blessing

    I notice on replays that when I use the defender blessing, the defenders don't come from the forest right away. I'm wondering if this is a glitch or if that's how it works because by the time they come, the attacker has enough time to do damage
  14. KingDarius

    Level 8 walls/gates

    Honestly it probably seems like a minor issue but it would be nice if level 8 walls and gates looked different than level 7s.