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    September Legendary Token Calendar

    When is the October Token Calendar coming
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    Legendary Token Calendar: June

    When will July calendar be out
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    Legendary Token Calendar: May

    Where is June 2022 Token Calendar?
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    Been banned for something you did not due

    I and one of my alliance members were banned for a week because something or someone dumped chests into our inventory. These chests showed up when the server went down. I have reported cheats before and pay for things from time to time, but BHG/ Nexon don’t believe you when you tell them this...
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    Assault Vehicle support

    The Assault Vehicle in the barracks is not well supported. There are no university upgrades such as hit points and damage upgrades, and I have never seen a museum artifact that supports it.
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    Night Witch Hangar bug

    Night Witch Hangar won’t let you build full complament of 8 fighters with an additional Night Witch. I can only build 7 fighter planes and 1 Night Witch
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    World War History not available

    Our alliance can’t view World War history in the alliance gate, immediately after our wars the World War icon goes directly to “New War” button, we can’t view the history after war either.
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    World War museum artifact unable to exchange

    Our entire alliance cannot exchange our World War artifacts in the museum, we are not searching nor in a war. Message where the exchange button is states “ You can not change war artifacts immediately after joining an alliance.” Most of our members have been with the alliance a long time
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    War Results Not Showing

    War Results - the after war page with results does not come up it just goes to start a new war. Was this changed in last update, it’s been like this for over a month. We used to be able to see final score, battles and other info after the war. There was a small start new war button but now it is...
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    Canadian Might! - we are looking for new members

    Canadian Might! Is an active alliance looking for new members. We are currently at lvl11 in wars, wars are back to back, so come join us 😄
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    Museum Category Sorting Suggestion

    When you use the drop down area to sort your artifacts by category you mix war and regular artifacts together ie; weapon regular and world war are mixed, can you have world war a separate area and then categories of weapon, armour, jewel, pottery seperate. Thanks
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    Aircraft speed up build blessing

    I would like to suggest a new blessing that speeds up aircraft build time. You have one for troops and one for tactics, it’s time for aircraft to be built faster, others are useless if you have to wait longer for aircraft to be rebuilt. thanks