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  1. Dracco

    Profile editor doesn't work.

    It says to drag the corners of the cropping window in the profile editor but the lines won't move. Unusable.
  2. Dracco

    Windows access?

    Have a few friends with Windows phones. Any plans to make this game compatible with Windows any time soon?
  3. Dracco

    Can't access my game anymore!

    Ever since this update thing, which I can't even download, I have been locked out of my game. It offers the update but then tells me it's not available in my country. I'm in the U.S., Texas! Nexon is in California. Am I missing something? I've been playing DomiNations long enough to be on the...
  4. Dracco

    Hello fellow players

    I'm Dracco, leader of alliance Draconis. I've been playing DomiNations for a bit now and have really enjoyed it. That is until recently since they have come up with this new update. Not only will it not allow me to download the update, it will not allow me back into my game. I've emailed Nexon...
  5. Dracco

    Unable to log on game.

    Am offered an update but then says Not available in my country. Now game will not load.