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    Grouping in ea age doesnt work, this bug is 4 yrs old!

    In gp and ea age, you still have the situation that army pieces are fighting walls when there is a gap next to them. this was an issue 4 yrs ago also when i was ea age (now my son is). very irritating to see half your shooters shooting at seperate walls next to eachother and die one by one when...
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    Cannot upgrade gatlin to heavy gatlin in ea age

    In ea age, i cannot upgrade my sons gatlin to heavy gatlin. It states that he needs 18000 but it doesnt state that it has to be oil. Also there is no oil icon behind it, so the game looks for 18000 which isnt there, cause it should look for 18000 oil (which is there)
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    Bug with houses and workers

    There seems to be something wrong with the houses and the starters pack 1 and 2 and the estate... the game itself provides 8 houses (without extra stuff like being chinese or opera house). So thats 16 workers. now i have bought the starters pack 2 in 2016, so that gives 1 extra house, 2 extra...
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    Lag during world wars

    Am i the only person with lag durng world wars? I have had it for some time now (i didnt play the game 10 months and when i returned a cpl of months ago, it was laggy as hell). As soon as i deploy troop cards or i have too many troops on screen, the whole game just freezes...i cannot deploy all...
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    War crashes (Still / Again)

    Ok, i'm starting to see a pattern in my crashes during war. I never crashed when i was attacking ppl with loot < 380 K, didnt matter if i got 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars. Lately i've been upgrading and started to attack ppl from the higher regions, with 380 K loot (gold and food). Now every time i'm...
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    Dumb soldiers and horses and health wagons, balancing, are they general bugs?

    I still have if very often that all kind of troops are trying to make holes in walls just besides other holes. I still have it often that my health wagon just freezes, stays in one place as if its colliding with something on screen. Have had this with other troops also, but especially with...
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    Playback of war attacks

    As you know, a lot of users want a replay of war battles. I've done some reaearch on this and really really wonder why this is not implemented yet. All necessary info for replays are saved just like in all other battles. I really dont get why this is not implemented yet. You could start with an...
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    Catapults, cannons, etc

    Since the update catapults that are destroyed, keep visible in the field. Also i just had an issue with cannons. I attacked and both my cannons were destroyed. Suddenly i had an ballista on my side, up and running, which i didnt have or deploy. Why is this happening?
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    need help urgently, dominations will not start anymore...

    I was in the game on my tablet, a samsung galaxy note 10.1 2012 version, as i always do. Only thing i use this tablet for, is for dominations. I had just upgraded my bombards to cannons, when the game crashed on me. since then there is no way for me to start the game again. Everytime i start it...
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    Lots of ideas and bugs, some easy to implement

    Bunch of ideas and bugs, some are rather easy to implement (i'm a software tester myself): Gameplay Ideas: 1: I would like to be able to make battleteams in my armies. For example, having 2 lancers, 5 archers, 6 pikeman working and sticking togheter during an attack. 2: I would like to...