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    Event leaderboard full of cheaters - what else is new

    So again in event there are players gaining ridiculous amount of xp points in a matter of minutes. Some crossed 100k before I had a chance to finish quick victory goals. I don’t think you could even crown training heavy tanks that fast.
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    Allied forces law - needs clarification

    TheWise does this law increase alliance gate capacity or does it increase donation cap of troops we can donate to allies?
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    Unable to mute ads

    Last few days, or maybe weeks, I’ve been unable to mute ads. I need to keep tapping on mute icon and it instantly unmutes on its own. I might get lucky and mute it randomly, but something is not right. It’s already insulting that Apple allows ads to bypass device mute, now I bet it’s advertisers...
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    New university leader - oil tycoon

    Please consider adding new leader, same type as Hiawatha and Mansa Musa, with 50 skill levels and short research time. He/she would improve various oil economy things, but most important would be 30% reduction for oil skill research time in university and capstone would reduce all skill research...
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    More armory slots

    Currently 2 armory slots are just not enough, and while addition of 2nd was a long overdue feature, it doesn't cut it anymore. There are countless general upgrades, 6 levels of each aircraft type per age, then 2 factory level troops per age, and to top it off bunch of barrack troops, tactics and...
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    Event cheaters again

    Leaderboard is dominated by cheaters again. in just 10 minutes they have hundreds of thousands of xp. I bet all that comes from hacked archive and speedups. TinSoldier BHG_Muet permanent bans are in order. These players ruin all the fun for the legit players.
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    Cheaters are back

    Last few days we've seen an influx of cheaters again. All new players, low age bases, most buildings upgrading. TinSoldier what's being done about that? See screenshots. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/236609438818107395/657587678933680139/image0.png...
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    Unisphere does not spawn troops when destroyed

    I noticed in pvp that when I destroy Unisphere, coalition troops don't spawn. It might have happened when Philipinos coalition was introduced. I can't be sure, I don't see too many of them in pvp, and hardly any attacks on my base get any stars, and nobody destroys it.
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    Videos advertising weed

    TinSoldier I just watched couple of videos advertising investment in weed industry. In NY weed is legal for medicinal use only, and only in pills, while video clearly shows pot buds and plants. I wouldn't want my kid watching these videos if he was old enough to play, and I imagine most parents...
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    Space age cannot attack Atomic bases anymore

    TinSoldier just like the topic says, where are all the atomic bases? I know Digital Age is to be released, perhaps even as early as tomorrow, but it’s not out yet, so why can’t we still abuse atomics? At least a heads up would be nice.
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    Where's group leaderboard?

    TinSoldier what happened to group leaderboard? I bought the event pass in hopes I could get both legendary artifacts, but since group disappeared, and if we're to believe what cs told some players, that it's gone for good, I feel ripped off. Imagine during Tour de France, let's say team...
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    Leaderboard in Sparta event crashes the game

    When you visit event leaderboard, then switch to group leaderboard, and then back, game crashes. Same thing if you switch leaderboard view, then switch event tabs and go back to leaderboard, game crashes to home screen.
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    Please lower level requirement for Cold War Age

    With today's change for Space Age players not being able to attack Atomic Age bases anymore, it would make sense to lower entry requirements to Cold War Age. It would help balance things out, Atomic players wouldn't get fatigued with months of upgrades before reaching next age, and Space Age...
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    Sending pics to cs is broken

    I cannot send screenshots to cs through in game system from iPhone XR. Once I select screenshot it loads but all buttons disappear. I can't cancel it either, I have to kill the game and reload it. Does anyone have a workaround for this?
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    Alliance shows empty, cannot start war search

    We cannot start a war search because the alliance doesn’t show any members. So we cannot select anyone for war. In fact, all alliances are showing empty. Another server outage?
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    Looted resources refund in museum not working

    Like the title says, I’m not getting refund, I have couple of artifacts with 23% right now. I should be getting resources back every time I get raided, but I get nothing. See linked image.
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    Where's the Estate?

    TinSoldier what happened to Estate? It's no longer offered in store. I just happen to have iTunes store balance and wanted to buy it, but it's gone. Some players in my alliance are in the same boat, no Estate available. Why? I contacted CS already and got really vague reply, in the lines of...
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    Summer for the ages

    TinSoldier are we going to have Summer for the ages this summer? If yes, can we get some estimated time frame to help with planning upgrades? And is there going to be Space age week (or two)?
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    6.7 update, buildings not discounted

    TinSoldier why isn't silo lvl 5 and air defense lvl 6 discounted? All Cold War Age buildings are 50% off now, so why these 2 were omitted?
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    I cannot switch Game Center accounts since last night

    I’ve been playing 3 accounts on 2 iPads and iPhone for years now, and I could play all 3 on the same device just fine. But since last night, I cannot switch accounts anymore. My main account loads, regardless of Game Center account I’m being sign into. I reinstalled the game, I wiped one iPad...