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  1. acied

    Epic alliance war.... Dutch warlords7 VS. Dutch warlords3

    [No message]
  2. acied

    tIme between joining analliance and participate in a war

    Hi everybody, yes i am still allive and kicking in but in world warin our awesome and huge (prob the biggest) alliance in dominations the Dutch Warlords (8 alliances) Maybe somebody knows tbe answer.. We cant figure this out...how long does it take to join an alliance and participate (being...
  3. acied

    Allince World War Rules !

    Our 5 alliances went into world war and we had a blast !. It was fun, trying to organize, testing tactics, going into battle unorganized due to the buggy chat and we still has great fun ! I had part in 3 world wars at the same time on different levels and it was exciting. Don't care about...
  4. acied

    Chat bug is the most bad bug atm !

    BHG / Nexon please fix the chat bug as soon as possible ! I'm looking forward to the world war battles, but with the current state of the chat, it is very hard to coordinate a fight...
  5. acied

    blessings disappearing..

    I am not completely sure, but I have the feeling I sometimes have blessings (like storage or other defense blessings) that sometimes disappear when I do an attack using offensive blessings (like armor) As it does not happen all of the times..... But I normally place some defense blessings...
  6. acied

    Traps reset, but after leaving and re-entering I have to reset the traps again...

    Well I've seen this so many times now, I'll be surprised if nobody else hasn't noticed it yet. I enter my village, after being attacked, reset the traps, close the app, re-enter just to find out that my traps are still wide open waiting to be reset. This happens since the last update, and...
  7. acied

    mission impossible

    Jippie, !! new goals !!!! Medals! Anyone can win, but not anyone can win a lot of medals. Get 285 medals from multiplayer battles. Ends in 3 days So with an optimistic battle score of 10 battles per hour with an optimistic score of 1 medal per battle while running a training blessing (without...
  8. acied

    Training blessing... leave it, or chop it in half ?

    1 Full hour of training blessing is too long in my opinion. How does the rest of us feel about it ?
  9. acied

    Another glitch in the training blessing

    I just discovered that troops that are almost finished training have to retrain completely if the training blessing ends..., they should continue with the training and not reset the training time on that troop. Ironangel, put it on the fix these issues list please..
  10. acied

    This is what a real player would post

    Just finished doing some serious raiding on some cheater maxed out and everything doubled bases! Just wanted to say : Worst medal system ever, Big Huge Games, once again, for making the medal system so horrible and hard to use. Took me a lot of time to collect 1 or 2 medals (medalage is not a...
  11. acied

    Dutch Warlords --- De snelst groeiende nederlandse alliantie zoekt actieve leden !!!

    Ben je op zoek naar een actieve nederland/vlaams-stalige alliantie ? Wil je je aansluiten bij een leuke gezellige grote groep nederlandstalige World War Winnaars ? Sluit je dan nu bij ons aan, en wordt lid van de grootste NL-BE-talige alliantie in dominations !!! Wij zoeken actieve leden die...
  12. acied

    Crash while in a battle

    Most irritating is the fact that when a battle is started and the program crashes, you loose all soldiers, gain no gold, food medals or goods. This should be fixed, if a battle is interrupted it should consider it as not happened, and you should keep your soldier.