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  1. Ramesses the Great

    BHG, are you kidding me with your random NTGs?

    I just can't imagine the design logic behind this NTG update. Some NTGs were hard to come by because their corresponding nations are so bad hardly anyone ever picks them. Japanese, Korean, Greeks. So now I finally find a Japanese base, I attack it, and I get a most available NTG that I'm already...
  2. Ramesses the Great

    Donation bug is back - again

    Donations in our alliance are disappearing half the time. It happened a while ago and was fixed. Then started again this week and just got worse today... dreadful bug..
  3. Ramesses the Great

    We should be able to inactivate TC Donations and Generals on defense

    I'm sure others must've requested this before. It's easy to implement and would make donations a lot better. Sleep or Guard modes for Castle/TC. That way we can decide if generals/donations would spawn on defense or not. Going off for 15m and coming back to dead generals before a war attack...
  4. Ramesses the Great

    Game lag since update 7.2: information for BHG developers

    Saw this in the game. It means they're not planning to "optimize" game performance to cater for more players. Only the most recent or powerful devices run the game lag free; and they still have occasional minor lags. Unfortunate.
  5. Ramesses the Great

    Yet another impossible war by the Matchmaker. It needs fixing!

    Us: SA/276, SA/255, CWA/238 3CWA(220s) 5AA (200s) 2GA 2IA Them: DA/326, DA/322, DA/295 4CWA 2AA 1GA 2IA 1EA 1GP 1Classical Search time: 1h30m (After 2 restarts, each lasting 2h) - Glory: 20K v 21K Enemy #1 has max DA offense, and near-max DA defense. #1, #2, #3 have max DA offense and very...
  6. Ramesses the Great

    War Museum, Uni research and premium TT need to be fully factored in war weight

    The matchmaker is still far from fair. Some of the biggest features of the game aren't even included in war weight. War Museum (especially Space Age) is not factored whatsoever in war weight, resulting in mismatches between teams where #1 in one team could have (+85% All Defences Dmg) in...
  7. Ramesses the Great

    Game lag since update 7.2: information for BHG developers

    This topic is directed towards BHG developers. I hope this could help them fix the lag problem ASAP. Since update 7.2+, many players have been suffering from (game lag) introduced by the update. Low FPS, freezes, and FPS drops are now common during regular game play, battles and more...
  8. Ramesses the Great

    A Crashing Bug Due to Using Multiple Devices/Versions

    Hello, I would like to report a rare, really unfortunate bug, hopefully you guys can fix it easier/sooner that way. I have an Industrial age town. I use 2 different Android devices to play it on, at different times/places. I met a bug that made me unable to play anymore. The bug: The game...