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  1. sioux

    *TopDominators Recruiting fellow cheaters!!

    Hey considering no topdominator alliance members made 1 ill make 1 for them, To all cheaters, exploiters, bug abusers in anyway, join the amazing cheating community alliance off: "Topdominators" join now, and be sad! Nexon wont do a sjit about those cheaters, so join them and be united with...
  2. sioux

    When is Industrial age comming?

    Like the head titles says, aldo this game full of bullsjit full of bugs such as: - Wall hackers. - Katapults hackers (having 4?!) - Crash bug when you attack sameone - Crash bug when u visit sameone's ally empire - Sometimes the prices change, my forest first was 450k gold and then suddenly...
  3. sioux

    Samsung Galaxy S3 android - Crash bugs :@

    Im tired..so tired...of all these bugs..... Let me first begin with the battles. When i get attacked, not everything is as it should be as example when my freaking katapults are under construction!:!?!??!?! when its not even under construction by me :@!!!! Ok then.. when i watch replay...i see...