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    Hosers United Recruiting!

    Looking for active new members that participate in wars! We are an active alliance, who like to have fun! We have an alliance chat set up on “Line” app 😁
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    Hosers United New blood needed!

    We are lv 17 perks, batteling our way to 18! we are a fun group or war mongering alliance members! We are active, and looking for new fun loving warriors to join our alliance!
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    ***Hoser United is Recruiting *** only Fun people need apply!

    If you want to join a fun group of very active players come join Hosers United! Our members are from all countries, being able to communicate in English is a must! We like to have fun, fight hard in wars, and grow together as a Team/Alliance!
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    VIP store Rip Off

    I would like to know why the National trade good shipment is 10 crowns more then the exact same shipment from my storehouse? VIP store 85 crowns my storehouse 75? Oh also why can we no longer submit a picture in game to customer service?
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    Complaint current Event

    Hi, official complaint. Under do I need to buy and event pass to complete an event? No. That is on here. Funny every part of this current event is locked unless you pay over 30$ us for and event pass. The money grab on this game is ruining it. I have been a member since almost day one, and I...
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    ***Hosers United*** Looking for New Blood

    We are an tight and active alliance! Looking for active players! we are on our way to maxing our perks lv 14. if you like wars, are active and want to join a great alliance join Hosers United!
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    Alliance caught Cheating!

    My alliance is in a war. The opponents number 19 level 52 took out our 1 level 244 44 seconds & 2 level 258 1 min 3 seconds with 100% 5 stars. We have reported this alliance Battlehamer. We have sent screenshots supporting their very apparent cheating.
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    Hosers united looking for Active new Alliance Members!

    We are looking for English speaking​​​, Active alliance members. Requirements you show up for wars, use Both attacks, follow war strategies, donate to fellow allies, grow, and most of all have fun!
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    Event: Mark of the Assasin?

    So is the dojo a limited time offer building? Like a ninja training barracks? What is with the recommended upgrades? Any ideas?