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    Cannot log in

    @Leviathan I cannot log in. I updated the game a few days ago. Today, I got another new pop up window that says “Update is Available!”. I have no choice but to click on the “Update” button. It then takes me to the App Store (iOS) where there is NO update. The only option is “Open” because I...
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    Lowered Town Center HP

    Did I miss an announcement in regards to lowering the TC HP? My nation is Japanese and my TC’s HP was lowered by approximately 35K HP.
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    Wall Blessings

    TinSoldier I’ve read that Wall Blessings can be obtained thru the shipyard at levels 4 and 6. I’m now almost on level 10. Where can I now get these? Thanks!
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    Possible Bastion Bug

    TinSoldier When obtaining and placing a Bastion on your map, it causes other items to get displaced on both the Town and War Base map editors. These items cannot be placed back where they belong. EDIT: I discovered that if you have a Bastion(s) and want to edit your base from the map editor...
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    Customer Service - File Attachments

    Is anyone else experiencing issues attaching screenshots to tickets, the ones submitted through the game? I keep getting booted from Dominations each time I attempt to do so...
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    BRB (Big Red Button)

    TinSoldier If we elect to NOT use this button on the random target selected, AND the target has been destroyed by other means, shouldn’t the silo alarm stop? Please make it stop 😩. Thanks!
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    I know nothing will get done but I still wanted to throw it out there... Almost all hidden defenses.
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    5 Minute Speed Ups

    I can’t recall the amount of time that is required to update some of my CWA buildings, but I believe there were some that were 15 days. 15 days * 24 hours * 60 minutes = 21,600 minutes. A 5 minute speed up will speed it up by 0.00023 or 0.023%. Useless and pointless. It would be nice to...
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    Japanese Nation Rebalance?

    TinSoldier Was the Japanese nation intentionally rebalanced with the Great War 6.6 Update? I noticed my town center hit points were cut in half and many of my defense hit points were also lowered...
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    Miyamoto Mushasi

    Does anyone have this guy? Stats are great but how is he?
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    How Many Can You Count...

    Upgrades...I lost count after 50...
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    City Center Hit Points From The Road Network

    Hello, I have researched prior discussions on this with mixed answers which is leaving me still unclear. Does the increase in hitpoints to the city center, from the road network, carry over to the war base? As always, your replies are very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
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    War Loot

    I tried searching for this but I couldn’t find any definitive answers. If an enemy base was five starred, I am guessing that all of the available loot was taken on that base as well. So, if we were to attack that base again, let’s say to improve the time, no additional loot would be won on...
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    Unique Building

    Can someone confirm this? If I have a unique building, such as; an elephant stable, a helipad, or a bazooka sentry, that is set to expire within the 24 hour period for World War, it is best to destroy it prior to the start of WW and add something else (like another unique building). For some...
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    Gold shipments on the battlefield

    (I could not find a previous post or information on wiki on this.) Can anyone tell me how gold shipments appear on an enemy base during wars? Sometimes they are there on an enemy base, sometimes they are not . And the amounts vary as well. Very curious...thank you in advance!
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    UTC Time Zone

    Since everything is coordinated under the UTC time zone, is it possible to have it show in this website’s forum header as well as somewhere within the game?
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    Editing Loot or War Base

    Can you create a function similar to "Pick up all" where it lifts the entire base (but does not clear the base) so you can easily reposition it on the map? For example, if I need to shift everything one space down, I can simple pick up everything as one whole unit and move it down one space...
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    Friendly Challenges

    Fairly new to this game and new to this forum. Is there a way I can change out my army for friendly challenges, without any costs, just to have a little fun? For example, I would love to attack using just bazookas just to see how they would do against certain types of bases. Thanks in...