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    Leadership badges and war statistics

    In alliance chat, could the medal icons be replaced with icons that display what rank a player is in the alliance? Might be more useful so that it's clear when the leader/co-leader/council speaks. It would also be nice to be able to see how many war stars each player has and perhaps some...
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    Veteran Commando

    This isn't necessarily an issue but I will raise it out of curiosity. I know Commandos don't set off spike traps but they do die when another unit sets of a spike trap and the Commando happens to be with those troops. Is this intended?
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    Bomber Damage Against Resource Buildings

    Players used to use the demolition tactic to steal oil and now with the free retrain it's easy to lose a lot of oil overnight because players simply send in bombers to hit your oil refinery and get a free retrain. It's frustrating and I would personally like to see the damage bombers deal...
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    Please fix the performance issues

    People want to leave our alliance because the game is just so laggy and it's a real shame because the update came out a while ago now (which introduced the lag) and I just think it's really bad not to make it a priority to fix it. Something like that should be fixed within days and not the many...
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    Legendary Artifact

    Can there be an event for a legendary artifact that boosts loot raided, as well as caravan, farm, oil well and road production?
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    Network Disconnect Errors

    I'm getting more disconnections lately in the game. Anyone else experiencing it more often? It's highly annoying given the cost and time to retrain all planes and there's no free retrain in such an event.
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    Have a drink in Moana's Bar! :)

    With all the constant moaning on here (yawn) how about taking a break and having a drink with some of the positive people on here. Chill out for a bit, rest your legs and think about some of the things you like about the game. All drinks available in Moana's Bar so take a seat by the fire and...
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    Additional workers bug

    TinSoldier, I was clearing trees and gathering skins from animals and 2 additional workers appeared for some reason. Some sort of bug. Restarting the game fixed it but I'm just reporting it.
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    Base advice - new to Enlightenment Age

    Hi guys, I've just reached EA and looking for ideas for a new base to protect my oil. Any suggestions? :) *hugs*
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    Alliance gate defence button

    Is it possible to have a button in the alliance gate/TC info screen to prevent donated troops from leaving the TC on defence? Sometimes I just want to keep the troops ready for my war attack without the risk of losing them when I log off.
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    Scaling once a new age is released

    I understand you want to keep progress slow when a new age is released but I think players are quitting because they're finding the upgrade times too long and they don't believe they'll ever catch up, even when using crowns to speed up progress from time to time. I'm in Global Age and advancing...
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    University improvement

    My university is left unused because I simply don't have the workers to put into it. I like the idea of being able to research more than one thing at a time but can the first piece of research please require no workers so that at least I'm able to slowly work through the many things on offer...
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    What happens...

    ...when you get all your forum stripes? Before long a few of you will max out on your monkey stripes. So, what happens then? Do you join the forum gods, get a prize or maybe get a message come up saying that you've won the forum and have a permanent ban? Thoughts? :)
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    Researching Tactics Bug

    For a 2nd time I have upgraded a tactic and it hasn't actually upgraded. My barrage on my 2nd account was supposed to be level 4 today but is still showing as level 3. It took several days and cost 2.9m food. I have sent CS a message but not expecting anything useful back, as when have I ever...
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    Local Top Players List

    Can you please add a button to view the top players local to each of us? I doubt I'll ever get listed on the global list but would be interested to see where I come in my country. :)
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    Tactics Chest

    This is a long shot but I think it would be great to have a tactics chest to put some on those lovely gifts into. It's lovely to receive heavy tank armies, bazooka armies etc. but my troops tray is getting a tad long as I like to save the gifts for when I really need them. Any chance of having...
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    Statue of Liberty + MK3 Triplanes

    Quick question: Can you take out level 8/9 towers in one sweep with MK3 triplanes + Statue of Liberty on bases that have the fortification blessing active? I'm considering switching Kremlin to Statue of Liberty in 2 days. Thanks :)
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    Stacked buildings - base still active

    Some weeks ago I attacked a base with the Angkor Wat wonder, a bunker and oil refinery underneath the TC. There's a mortar underneath the fort too. I reported them to CS and even received crowns but I see the base is still active. Just mentioning it as I don't want other players falling victim...
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    Post your biggest wins

    Just had this win and was shocked at the loot gained. I was skipping through looking for medals as I'm trying to climb to Empire League 2 at the moment. If only I had the loot blessing active lol. Anyone care to share their big wins? :)
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    Current Event

    Ironangel, Seraphine What happens if you've completed the event, will advance to the next age just before the event ends and plan to claim the gold, food and elephant stable once advanced? Does the prize amount increase and will I then have to gain the extra loot to claim them? My 2nd account...