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    Dominations v11.3 Update - Drone Command

    So the last major update was around sept, and this is all you have to offer? A nerf, a broken building and a 2 bug fixes which who knows that’s true? Kinda pathetic in comparison to other companies with similar update times
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    Barrage buff against generals

    So I’ve been giving it some thought after this new update and I know how we can impact generals a little bit less and also both one of the worst tactics we have. barrage currently for me has 3264 damage for units and if we were to a x20 damage to generals that would be 65,280 damage per general...
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    Military infrastructure

    So I have no idea about the later branches for factory and aircraft But the whole branch but the last one you might want to redo.... even when oil comes into play, 500 oil for level one for aircraft and factory troops is pathetic... when we first got oil the upgrades are expensive and even now...
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    Next update

    Anyone know when the next update will be? Been nearly 2 months since the last one
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    New library book idea

    I was giving this some thought and believe this could help barrack troops if this was either added Digital or information age chapter 1: reduce barrack troop population space by 1 ( expect Melee and range infantry) chapter 2: 20% health and attack to barracks troops chapter 3: 10% cost and...
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    5th library book

    TinSoldier So we have 4 books with 5 improvements each one. I was thinking a 5th book should be added but unlike the rest it will have restrictions for example: you can’t get level 2 or higher without completing the level 1 book and you can only start the level one book if the other 4 are done...
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    Donating generals

    i know may agree others disagree but I think donating generals to others won't hurt. As apart from high hitpoints it's really just a tank or heavy tank and have no real use other then attacking or defending. Generals level 1-10 = 5 troop space generals level 11-20 = 10 troop space generals...
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    Quick time events plus new library tech

    I noticed when trying to look for a topic to this I didn't find much so I made this. The events for discounts on resources are good and all but as of each age the time required goes up. I suggest that events also have a reduce in time so it may be easier to get some buildings done quicker if...
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    Nation tier abilities

    So I've done some thinking about the nations and how if we progress through the ages there are times new things happen and nations make there own units, ect I was thinking somewhere around enlightenment age (the better option) or industrial age a new bonus should appear for nations and sometimes...