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    New update on its way?

    So couple of players in my aliance no longer can donate and also ww scouting on enemies gives the following message: "please update your game to load this base". There is no update for Android in the playstore and there was no communication from Nexon. Whats going on?
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    Cheater with 32 tt cards, come on!!!

    This is the first time I see such a violation. Good news is, this idiot scored only 4* on me and they lost the WW :-) Still, how is this even possible! TinSoldier please investigate. And yes, I've reported to CS as well, but I want to make sure this never happens again to anyone!
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    Marco Polo. Unable to redeem rubies.

    Error: unable to complete trade, please try again. Not able to buy a troop chest worth 400 rubies. Available rubies are shown with 537, which is an odd number if you ask me. What can be done? Opened three tickets which ended up nowhere. Was asked to reinstall, check network and so on blabla...
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    Match making is a bad joke

    Come on devs, you can do better job. 816:12 in current WW. Are you kidding us? This game used to be fun. Now it's just frustrating with all the bugs and "improvements" no one asked for.
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    Marco sucks

    Why on earth are we earning rubies in WW? Marco is selling useless museum crap only! Come on....
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    Different factory levels - still able to build heavy tank mk 5?

    Let's assume my first factory has level 7 and I have already researched heavy tank mk5. My second factory has level 3. It can build heavy tank mk3 already. Will I then be able to build heavy tank mk5 in both of my factories or will I end up with mk3 in one factory and mk5 in another factory? In...
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    Posts not visible yet?

    How long does it take for the first post to be reviewed and published by moderator? I posted weeks ago, several times, nothing appeared. Weird...
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    Game crashed during ww attack, please help

    Hi, I did not have a chance to see my opponent's base at all. After clicking on attack in ww screen, game crashed on my android tablet. Now attack counter is showing 0 available. This is very annoying. Please restore my attack counter back to 1! Already opened a ticket, but also posing here...