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    Museum warning during this King Tuts event

    Had been waiting for this King Tut's event for a while, now it's here, I'm losing fragments like crazy. So after a search to double-check if my memory was corrupt... This is what the museum used to be: Selling artifacts, 1 star = 25 fragments 2 star = 90 fragments 3 star = 300 fragments...
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    Current event global leaderboard

    Why is customer service not rampant deleting the entire top 100, and who knows how many hundreds of accounts unseen. It's impossible to purchase enough speed ups to get many millions in xp. Regular sales are crowns, sure a few days of speed ups here and there are included, but they limit those...
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    Event points caused game network error and crash

    Hi. upon gaining a quick victory and thus gaining points for the new event, i opened up the event to check the leaderboard etc, and, Network Connection Error, unable to connect to server, please check your connection and try again. It's 100% Not my connection, i can quickly search the internet...