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  1. Helmsman

    First attacking boat I have seen, how about the rest of you'll

    It appeared at the dock started shooting down the line of buildings, and repeated till the end of the war hit. The damge wasn't strong but the continued damage added up, it destroyed 2 buildings and damaged 5. Asking before I send a ticket in.
  2. Helmsman

    Filling War Bases

    A simple fix to filling TC and SH in war bases, is to allow the owner of the base to fill there own base. This would allow the highest level player in the war to at least have the best troops stocked in their base. It's a simple easy change to implement.
  3. Helmsman

    A Thought On War

    With all the bad match ups in war, maybe it's time to change how war is done. First off let's cut everything in half starting with war time amount, 12 hours apiece for preparation and for war attacks. Next cut down the war attacks from 2 to 1 attack so then every attack is important, which could...