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    Can I take revenge or not?

    I've got about 25 users in my Defence Opponent list when i push the Revenge button, most of the time i cannot take revenge because the opponent is online or has a pease treaty. The game goes back to the main screen, i have to push the envelop button again, scroll down a lot, and try the next...
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    Bug in this forum; You have entered an invalid birthday

    Hi, i cannot find anywhere to post this problem with this forum, so i post it in this section. I signed up, and I am tring to edit my profile, but when i make a change, for example the timezone, or change someting in notifications, and i push the 'save changes' button, i get the error 'You have...
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    how to attack one specific person?

    Some of my allies were attacked by the same person multiple times. How is this possible? I thought attacks were random. So how do you attack the same person multiple times?
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    Road network bonus, what does it do for me?

    I'm wondering what the road network bonus does for me, at this point i'm trying to connect all buildings to a road connected to my town center But what does it do for example a garrison or a library? And whar happens when a farm is not connected?