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  1. No Angel

    Happy new year!

    May our jorney in 2022 lead us to a better experience! It's been ages I have not played Dominations, but hopefully current players enjoy the game. Happy New Year!
  2. No Angel

    Please Put Your Oil Refinery Unprotected

    Hey guys, Global to Digital Age players, I love this weekend's sale, so if you guys have full oil tank, please put your refinery out. I'm around 400 to 1200 medals. Thankies! 🥰😆
  3. No Angel

    Looking for Merger or Sisterhood!

    Stilettos, established 2018 looking for merger or sisterhood. We are alliance that do back to back wars most of the time, taking 10-15 people at max, and due to demand of bigger 30v wars, we consider to merge or create a sisterhood with alliance that has similar lineup and goals. Some of us are...
  4. No Angel

    DomiNations Asia Don't Need Clean Language Filter as Default Search Setting!

    We are limited to join alliances in DomiNations Asia, can only join alliances with Clean Language filter. This is inconvenient. Please remove it, use the International settings. It's like discrimination for Asia version users. I hang out with lots of International alliances and they mostly don't...
  5. No Angel

    Need Atomic Age Attackers in Stilettos

    As said by the title. Need : "Atomic Age" - "Attackers". Just attackers, not defenders. You'll understand why after observing our wars. Cheers, Maria - Stilettos
  6. No Angel

    Remove Clean Language Filter from DomiNations Asia

    We are limited to join alliances in DomiNations Asia, can only join alliances with Clean Language filter. This is not convenient. Please remove it, use the International settings.
  7. No Angel

    I Bet You Never Heard of Stilettos?

    Have you ever heard of us, Stilettos? Yes? Well I am honored! Go visit us then. Never heard of us? Well it's time to type Stilettos on your Alliance Search function and join us. Currently needing a few good players to balance our weight, preferably AA or CWA with minimum defense and importantly...
  8. No Angel

    Big Shoutout to Space Age Players with Full Refinery

    Please put your refinery and wells out because my CW and AA accounts are looking for oil during this Age Rush. Thank you very much. 😄 ​​​​​​
  9. No Angel

    Daily Videos

    Appreciate how it's varied now, but here's some stuff I'd appreciate more, 1. If it has mercenary contract as reward, make all previous video chapters mercenary as well, not gold/food shipment. 2. If it has blessings as rewards, make all chapters blessing rewards as well. I kinda forget how it...
  10. No Angel

    Campaign, Challenge, Expansion

    I've read a post about this somewhere, lost it cause the Search feature is not optimized. I'm adding some to it. 1. More Campaign maps. Put troop tactics and special buildings on the maps too. 2. Challenge, or tournament mode. Here all players no matter what age/level can attack 1 dummy base...
  11. No Angel

    Live Support for Customer Reports!

    I'm doing several crown offers so I'm currently playing other games. There's this one game, which is also a build and action game just like DomiNations, but with different gameplay that caught me in the eye, not because of the game itself, but because of its effective Customer Service feature...
  12. No Angel

    Stilettos Need Established Players

    Our highest SA hitter recently left the game due to real life situations, we have more gaps in roster here and there unfortunately; so we're recruiting to seek for good attackers out there. Know how to do their attacks, be rational in request - donation numbers, make both attacks in World Wars...
  13. No Angel

    7.2 Update Decreases Device's Performance

    These are issues I found after updating, more of technical issues. - freezes every time I login, followed by lag - my phone heats so bad from the first 5 minutes of playing - chat unavailable - lag, lag, lag and keeps lagging They occur both on my Android and iPhone. I saw some people also...
  14. No Angel

    Trouble Joining Alliances

    After leaving, there is no alliance list when we click Alliances. When viewing alliances, either using Search, Leaderboard, and Bookmark feature, it doesn't load anything. The alliances appear, but we can't view roster to join. Fix itself in 10x restarts in 1+ hour but this is kinda annoying...
  15. No Angel

    "Stilettos : Fashionable Weapons"

    Stilettos, established in July 2018. Currently at the tip of level 9, a couple more wars to level 10. Milestones: 1. July 2018 I created this alliance start from scratch; no help from pros, not even from any friend. It was a one woman alliance, warring all alone with my multis. 2. A couple...
  16. No Angel

    Can Not Install International and Asia Version in One Device

    I have 11 accounts. Half are in Asia version. Was it intentionally designed that way this update that we couldn't install both int'l and Asia versions in 1 device? These 2 versions are basically different apk versions, so I never really think it is illegal to install 2 different versions in 1...
  17. No Angel

    Enable View War Base in Alliance Chat

    I remember long ago we were able to view members war base from Alliance Chat, not in War Map mode only. This was a handy feature. Most of the time when a member joins, we don't know how his war base looks like; he could probably have unfinished iron age base. These days we could only view war...
  18. No Angel

    A Special Request

    An open request for 1, 2 active Global Age players (or above ages, that could afford HT and RPG) out there that have stopped warring but still regularly play, please consider us Stilettos as your camping alliance. We need donations badly, as I consider my self, the previous regular donator in...
  19. No Angel

    How Do These ''Just For You'' Sales Work?

    Cause I really need to buy something in 2 accounts, and only 1 else gets a good offer. Those 2 never received Just For You offers. Need a better marketing distribution TinSoldier
  20. No Angel

    Are You Generous Enough?

    Hello, Sweethearts! This is a personal request from me, cause I'm concerned that I would not be able to fulfill troops requests as often as before anymore, cause I and several players are using HTs and/or RPG combo, which are not faved by lower level players with limited alliance troops...