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  1. Zidane

    Surrender button

    Some time ago Nexon announced a new and marvelous match system that would be much more equitable ... ha ha ha 🤣 We have been suffering many unequal wars which has led to the flight of several allies of our alliance and a strong internal fight between us. The last straw has been our last war...
  2. Zidane

    General recovery time is again 24 hours

    Another thing that doesn't work: The reduction of the recovery time of the generals obtained in the library does not work either. I have been able to verify it by losing all the troops after the game threw me out in the middle of the world war battle. Now it takes 24 hours to recover the...
  3. Zidane

    Nexon kicks us

    When resources are needed in space age, our friend Nexon comes up with two things: 1- break the blessing troops 2- take off the atomic players. Farming is now a real hell. It seems Nexon want to kick us out of the game 😔