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  1. skychan

    Ironsides Upgrade Manuals

    So, anyone know anything about getting these? is it just for whales buying packages or can they be found some other way?
  2. skychan

    Device requirements for the game

    Hi, It's come to be that I can no longer really compete in war's due to the increasingly bad lag for any battle involving space age or even troop cards in cold war. I'm also finally going to get on the smart phone bandwagon. So, I thought I would come here for some advice. before I go on, I...
  3. skychan

    When will changes be made to the troop lineup bar?

    I am asking because after the last changes there was a lot of talk, and I think this really could be a huge quality of life improvement, especially the ability to order things or even simply scroll from the end to the beginning again. But right now it makes switching between the things I need...
  4. skychan

    Easy Reporting of Cheaters on Battle Results page.

    So I've been thinking about the issue of cheaters, the obvious ones with 10-20 buildings all upgrading at the same time when you stumble over them in a multiplayer battle, or in war's when someone wipes a space age base with an Iron age army etc... Right now we have a button to share things on...
  5. skychan

    Compiled information on the updates

    Because it hasn't been compiled in one place yet I decided to do so. Values are taken from CWA changes. Effective Damage Increase from defensive buildings is taking into account the extra period of time they will be alive to deal damage but for purists you can ignore that column...
  6. skychan

    National Troops, is there a point anymore?

    So, With all the re-balancing, is there a point to using any of the national troops anymore? Clearly Nexon is pushing the factory troops hard, as the net result of everything so far is somewhere around the realm of. 1.5x damage for Factory Troops 3x HP for defenses No change to Barracks...
  7. skychan

    Honest Game Improvement Suggestion - Slider organization

    Here is a suggestion that might help keep people interested. Allow players to modify the order of buttons on the combat slider. If you want players to use more tactics, and fight more tactically, then let them do so! Let us organize our combat ribbon so that it lists our Rally, then fighters...