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  1. Technocrat

    Revenge opponent always under attack (and bad support)

    I know that this has been discussed in the past but it continues to be an issue: some players are always under attack when you try to revenge. Right now, there are two players from the Good People alliance that are constantly under attack, yet still have full defensive blessings even when they...
  2. Technocrat

    Boston, USA is 32-0, currently ranked 74th in glory. Daily wars and active donors!

    We are a fun group of experienced players who war non-stop. We are looking for a few more people who want to have fun and win loot!
  3. Technocrat

    Boston, USA is now 25-0. Come join us for glory and loot!

    We are a fun and friendly alliance, looking to mentor new *active* players. We communicate via the Line app, donate global, IA, and EA troops, and have fun kicking ass. Looking for all levels, especially MA and GP.
  4. Technocrat

    Come help us stay undefeated--Boston, USA about to go 20-0!

    Less than 2 months old, our friendly and active alliance is on the verge of being 20-0 in war with no end in sight. We carefully plan out all wars, communicate via Line (though not mandatory) and look to maximize loot for all members, regardless of level. We are especially looking for MA and GP...
  5. Technocrat

    New Alliance--Boston USA--with experienced leaders looking for all levels

    Boston, USA <-- PLEASE NOTE THE COMMA WHEN SEARCHING If you want to war constantly and be in an alliance that donates regularly and has fun, come join us! Our core group is made up of EA players on their way to IA but we are looking for classical on up. We are well organized, war often, and...
  6. Technocrat

    Shock and Awe(some)!

    Shock and Awe is a very active alliance that wars daily and that mentors newer players. We are currently looking for Medieval and Gunpowder players who are active and who want to improve their games. We are active donators and Medieval players are not required to donate! Come improve your game...