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  1. Manifesto

    Questions for the Space Agers

    Bugs & issues aside, has the age up been worth it? Have you developed any new strategies? Utilised any new troops? Have the troop boosts made a difference? Is the artwork the best thing about the update? :D Does anyone regret moving up? Anything else to volunteer?
  2. Manifesto

    Cleopatra and the Samurai

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the śexual tension between Cleopatra and the Samurai warrior?
  3. Manifesto

    Happy New year!

    I wanted to come up with a better title but nothing says happy new year better than Happy New Year. 😄 To all the veterans out there thanks for your challenge, to all the newbies out there thanks for your resources, to all the suggesters out there keep suggesting. (Seriously, keep going...
  4. Manifesto

    Should fragments be visible and interchangeable?

    Does anyone else think the individual fragments should have been designed as jigsaw-like pieces that we can interchange to make artifacts that we want, rather than this mass collection system that crafts the random pre-selected artifacts? eg: there could be hundreds of pieces of fragments that...
  5. Manifesto

    Changes to weekly discount events

    TinSoldier , from Global onwards the average building upgrade is more than a week long, which means if we start a building halfway through a weekly discounted event those workers could be unavailable for the following week's event. In AA or CW troops definitely miss the 2nd week's event, unless...
  6. Manifesto

    Share your museum perks

    At first l didn't see much benefit of the museum for my CW account but I'm starting to get some decent artifacts. l have a 11% forest refund (last 2 forests currently being done) plus 13% oil loot bonus I also have 10% plane dps bonus and once 2nd weapon slot is open I'll add another 6% plane...
  7. Manifesto

    Hey Nexon, here’s an idea:

    Stop being so mean and stingy! Why give us something at the expense of something else? Would it kill you to just ‘give’ us something once in a while? I’m referring of course to the recent change with the dock, taking away some rewards to add the museum rewards. Why not just add the museum...
  8. Manifesto

    3rd anniversary rewards

    Is anyone else underwhelmed with the rewards from reaching each of the milestones? Supply drops which came at approx 3 per day Faster training troops, which we can get with an ingame blessing So-called ''special'' Marco Polo visit (which turned out as special as a bowl of fried rice in a Chinese...
  9. Manifesto

    Prepare for Battle!

    In case anyone is interested; mathematical algorithms by Nexon. :D Each time I lose a troop he or she seems to be worth approx 20 or 30 troop space, or perhaps -20 or -30 space? TinSoldier
  10. Manifesto

    Prepare for Battle!

    My alliance troop limit increased, or did it decrease? I'm confused, I'm not sure how many troops I'm not supposed to never have had.
  11. Manifesto

    Prepare for Battle!

    One good thing about this screen, it clearly highlights an issue with the game's mathematical algorithms. Clearly I have more than -4 alliance troops. TinSoldier , while I enjoy the extra troops, when is this going to be fixed? The devs could fix this bug at the same time they add the toggle off...
  12. Manifesto

    Bomber upgrade

    I don't know how many of you use the bomber in later ages, I don't because 4-5 planes are more effective at suppression, but generally we all agree the bomber should either take less damage or do more damage per run. (both would be better) I can live with the dps as is but I would like a boost...
  13. Manifesto

    City Center spawn radius after the update

    Are you sure it's 9? It's 8 on my base. (the 9th one is outside the radius)
  14. Manifesto

    Why no more event buildings?

    TinSoldier , I'm curious why recent events offer food or gold as a final reward instead of buildings. You went out of your way to include extra forests because you wanted to make room for extra buildings in the future, so why aren't there more special event buildings as a final reward?
  15. Manifesto

    Bugs, some important, some not

    Hi TinSoldier , glad to see you're still around. I thought I would bring some things to your attention, topics where you've 'touched base' but we're still no clearer or have a definitive answer. Anyone else feel free to add anything I've missed. Important: TC spawning troops much earlier than...
  16. Manifesto

    Changes to Customer Service

    Nb4powerup TinSoldier I realise a topic of Changes to customer service" could be a long winded subject but I would like to suggest one change to the ingame CS response system. Currently we send a ticket & get 2 responses: one generic and one from a game master. If that game master thinks...
  17. Manifesto

    Why are Cold War Age players allowed to attack Global Age bases?

    Welcome to your worst nightmare. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! :D This is new for the CW age.
  18. Manifesto

    Bear hunting error

    Mine says 40% and l have that chapter finished.
  19. Manifesto

    Poll: Thoughts on Marco Polo

    I'm interested to see how this poll will play out but it might help Nexon if they see the numbers. What do you think of the Marco Polo automatic screen redirect ?
  20. Manifesto

    Marco polo point????

    You want to give MP this? :D