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  1. Vixen

    Chat history not long enough

    At sheepdogs we love a yarn .... we are known to talk all day and night. It’s frustrating having such a short chat history... I miss people coming and going and the best jokes. Please can we have never ending chat back!! Pretty please
  2. Vixen

    Nexon ... would you like testers for your next update

    clearly your current testers are not very good and we would prefer the update tested rather than released with no forewarning when we are already in a war I am sure we could get a group of testers for you at no charge and do a much better job than the employees you pay
  3. Vixen

    Bazooka tower... Seriously nexon????

    So much for when you said it was over powered and you were getting rid of it
  4. Vixen

    Garuda Sakti and Top Killers - Nexon are you blind?

    When is something going to be done to stop the outright cheating... you say you address all reports but they still exist worse than ever
  5. Vixen

    Museum in war ... do not do it nexon

    Buying legendary cards and being able to use them in war will kill this game in my opinion ....
  6. Vixen

    New Wall Level Please - stop our CWA's getting bored with maxed resources

    Can we get another wall level to keep them focused on the game.. don't want them bored and wandering off to play candy crush
  7. Vixen

    Nexon when are you going to fix the broken chat?

    Chat bug fix screwed chat more I wonder if nexon are even aware?
  8. Vixen

    It’s Friday ... no thanks to nexon I cured myself

    Chat working ... Beneath is what I did meantime nexon are introducing a quick buy to negate all the great effort people have put in on their saladin.... they break game... don’t fix it.... then introduce s massive kick in the guts... no respect for the players I did this sequence twice...
  9. Vixen

    It’s Thursday ... almost two weeks ... no chat bug fix

    Yes I am doing this everyday until fixed
  10. Vixen

    It’s wed .... still chat bugged

  11. Vixen

    New content but we haven’t fixed the existing issues

    This is turning into a joke
  12. Vixen

    Monday came and went... chat bug still not fixed

    where is the communication from Nexon about this?
  13. Vixen

    Nexon deleting moving consolidating posts

    is this to hide their inability to fix problems I find it staggering that they have time to do that but not to communicate about one if the worse development cock ups to ever happen
  14. Vixen

    Cheating is killing the game for me

    Its hard to care about this game and war when we have to play cheaters. Today we play Golden Arrow - known cheaters. We reported some obvious base faults to nexon and a couple of bases got rolled back - won't help us but good to see something done. Then their #1 attacks out one of our big D...
  15. Vixen

    When is Saladin getting fixed?

    This has gone on for too long...... You break the game Nexon... then you should fix immediately forget everything else... fix it!!!! Without hold the gates working in saladin you are making a mockery of all the big players who have invested hugely into this game (and yes the android crown drama...
  16. Vixen

    Community war short three germans/or greeks or french or roman... help please

    Quick call out to our domi community ... three no shows for our community war which spins fri utc time ... please message me if you can help... thanks
  17. Vixen

    Replays.. would it be better without them?

    War replays have been awesome and very useful tool... but they are so glitchy at the moment I think they are doing more harm than good. Nexon is inactive on cheats because their excuse is the replay is inaccurate... Does anyone find that your own alliances replays are more accurate than the...
  18. Vixen

    Nexon ... current loot cheat is robbing you blind

    is it being fixed immediately? are the people who use being banned? it is out there widely known .... please fix it now
  19. Vixen

    Community war ... Shooter nations vs non shooter nations !!!!! Come join

    Neville’s Cross war... shooter nations vs non shooter nations community war ... spinning Friday 23rd March 10pm utc ....9am 24th Melbourne .... 5pm 23rd Washington DC... need to be in alliance 24 hours prior.. have to use discord to be involved... no coalitions... no cards at all ... event...
  20. Vixen

    Card glitch means never having to buy elephants again

    Yes BHG/nexon are not fixing this problem and have been aware of it for weeks..... no need to buy cards anymore ... just use the glitch... I would be willing to share how to do this glitch with everyone if it makes the powers to be hurry up and fix it faster I wonder if this post gets deleted...