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  1. Damascus

    Conisdering a nation switch. Need advice

    I'm a gun powder age Romans player almost ready to go up to enlightenment. I am leaning toward English or French but I am open to anything. So what nation should I switch to and why?
  2. Damascus

    Bombard strat help

    I am one of the players that had a cavalry centered attack strategy that can no longer use it since the update so now will be switching to bombards. Would like some suggestions on using them. What does your raiding group consist of? What do you usually use your first and second rally's on...
  3. Damascus

    Greek & French- Surviving the Latest Update.

    So I guess the devs took a look at all the French and Greek players in this game and decided we must be killing diversity...oh wait..well whatever. This update probably hurt your feelings the way it did mine. I had spent time and effort working out a good, well thought out raiding group. I...
  4. Damascus

    How long was this game beta tested?

    Am having a discussion concerning this issue and can't find the info I want. Some mind informing me?
  5. Damascus

    The Red Raiders- War is Cruelty and none can make it gentle

    Hello dominators. Some friends of mine who I work with all started playing DomiNations. I told one person, he told another and before you know..BAM!!!! PYRAMID SCHEME!!!! We're the Red Raiders and we decided to take our team work mentality into this game. I'm one of the council members and...
  6. Damascus

    State of the (domi) Nation! Criticism, Correction and Praise!!!

    (WARNING!!!!! This is long. No tldr version. If you have the attention span of a five year old, then I don't even suggest you scroll down to post a comment. It's ah long way to the bottom.=) Hello all you dominators. Been playing dominations for a couple months now and have really enjoyed my...
  7. Damascus

    The Acropolis Defense base layout.

    This base layout is what I am presently using and it has been incredibly successful for me. I named it what I did because it probably couldn't compete with a core defense lay out without the Acropolis. This layout takes some of its credit from Redox who has a YouTube channel devoted to...
  8. Damascus

    Paragraph division for forums

    A long wall of text is a little difficult on the eyes. Would be nice if we could write in paragraphs
  9. Damascus

    The Greek Nation; A Greek players resource

    WARNING!!!! This is long and I offer no TL;DR version. Go find yourself an attention span or take your ritalin before you continue on. Hello to all my fellow Dominators. I am brand new to this game but nearly everyone is, so I decided to see if there are other Greek players who would like to...