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  1. Dikadam

    Alliance Medal count

    Hey! I know plenty of ppl are looking for an answer to this question. How is the alliance medals counted for? Is there some static variable that divides the total amount of players medals in alliance?
  2. Dikadam

    [RESOLVED] Update 02-02-2015 made my game not functioning!

    Hey! My game can't get into the game anymore after todays update. I saw it isn't only me that this is affecting, from the comments on google play. Description: Game starts to load. Getting either of these when getting in; * You are under attack! Try again!" (Can't be under attack for 30 min)...
  3. Dikadam

    Tower blessing not giving blessing to ballista tower

    The description of 'Tower blessing' says "Increases the damage done by defensive buildings". But this doesnt include the ballista. Is it known that this blessing shouldnt? Since i call the ballista tower a defensive building aswell. Please add an exception text if it shouldnt involve the...