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  1. Bobortvogel

    Helicopter Hanger

    So....is the helicopter permanent or temporary. The current event doesn’t say it is temporary.
  2. Bobortvogel


    I just opened 10tank chest. On only 2 did I get tanks. The rest were blessings and merc cards. Since the merc cards are random, I can’t use the for war, so the are nearly useless. I can’t see any incentive to ever buy a chest again.
  3. Bobortvogel

    Sure looks like a cheat...

    Well, I couldn’t upload the screen shot. I kept getting an error message. However, I just attacked a base that had 53,000,000 in gold! If it looks like a duck.... I did report to CS.
  4. Bobortvogel

    Events, what is missing?

    Why is there never any oil awarded in events? For lower level bases with no oil storage, give them crowns instead.
  5. Bobortvogel


    The new sharing of attacks is excellent. And the war replays are outstanding. I think it would be nice on the sharing if we could see how many times it has been watched. And war replays should be available until the following war ends. Although not critical, both would be nice improvements. Thanks.
  6. Bobortvogel

    Diamonds lost!

    I was just raided, 2 stared and lost tc and 15,000 total resources. Nothing at Atomic age... But I lost 5 Diamonds! Good grief, this just doesn't seem right.
  7. Bobortvogel

    Join winning war alliance- Boots2faces

    We have over 200 war wins and are always looking for a few more good players.
  8. Bobortvogel

    Booted Alliance Members

    Once a member is kicked out of an alliance, is there a time limit before they are allowed to join again? We had a member accidentally booted and the game isn't allowing them to rejoin.
  9. Bobortvogel

    Two unrelated thoughts

    All this time and we are in a war today where one of our bases gets 110% destruction. Has something changed, fully upgraded planes now get shoot down right away and are much less effective?
  10. Bobortvogel

    War issue

    Is there any reason I can't start up another war. I just get a try later message.
  11. Bobortvogel

    What is really needed...

    I've been commenting for some time that adding war replays is the single most critical upgrade needed to improve the enjoyment of the game. And I believe that is still the case. However, I now have a new #2 that wasn't even on my list before. The event that reduced tactic and troop training...
  12. Bobortvogel

    Anyone else experiencing servers down?

    Nexon connection is down.
  13. Bobortvogel

    Join Boots2faces- We are always at war. Join the fun.

    We are always at war and are winning 80%+. Ungraded gunpowder and above welcome. Top bases donate advanced troops to lower bases. We communicate and share strategies outside game in free app. Great for active players looking to improve. We also have a second alliance for newer players-...
  14. Bobortvogel

    War matching

    Are we sure the matching system only considers the bases in the war? We just did a war for our lower ranked players- all gunpowder and medieval. They were matched against an all industrial/enlightenment group. (OK, the had 1 gunpower out of 20.) This would have been a good match only if we...
  15. Bobortvogel

    Boots2Faces- winning, active, come join the fun.

    We are always at war. We have a high winning percentage and a strong core group. We would love to add a few active players.
  16. Bobortvogel

    War donations

    Ok, this isn't as critical as war replays but it needs to be made soon. We need to be able to see who donated what on the war map. Important but hopefully an easy, quick change. Thanks.
  17. Bobortvogel

    We need war replays ASAP

    I appreciate the most recent upgrades to the program including more alliance data. But come on guys, let's get the war replays going so we can watch each other's attacks and defenses. This would be such a HUGE improvement that dwarfs anything else.
  18. Bobortvogel

    Winning war alliance looking for active players

    Boots2Faces has 10 active war players an would like to expand to 15-20. We use Band to communicate, share and strategize.
  19. Bobortvogel

    Contact Us button gone

    Since my "contact us" button is missing, I have no way to report that I can't change my war base. It's planning day, I save the changes, but when I go to my war base in the war section it still displays the old, unchanged base. First time I have experienced this bug.
  20. Bobortvogel

    Boots2Faces recruiting medieval and gunpowder level players.

    We are a winning war alliance with 10 very active players working together. We would like to expand to larger wars. We are constantly at war. Please search Boots2Faces and try us out.