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    Suggestion: Make Spy automatic, and let us see our own team's spy reports

    Suggestion is in the title. I think both would be terrific. I would love to better coach people that are struggling with museum. And I hate when I forget to click spy.
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    Clarification request for Friendly Challenges

    TinSoldier Nb4powerup Ive had trouble telling when and if coalitions and blessings are applied to friendly challenges. Is there any way we could get a description from BHG? Or, if anyone in the community knows that would be great too. Here are some things Ive noticed 1) Coalitions seem to...
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    Can you please be more transparent with what is going on in wars & matchmaking?

    TinSoldier Nb4powerup DomiNationsVigiles TinS/Nb4/Vigiles - this is not intended to be directed at you, I believe you are doing the best you can with the information you're given. But, although the SOTN was a nice reprieve, communication on the recent war issues has been absolutely terrible...
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    Matchmaking based on glory

    Saw this posted as an addendum to the AMA yesterday. Thanks for posting some more detail Nb4powerup ______________________________________________ Q: Has there been any thought into Alliance leagues? This I think would eliminate 'sandbagging' as you would be matched against opponents of...
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    Individual War Ranks/Weights

    Nb4powerup So, what is the answer to how the first screenshot could be #28 on a war roster based on war weight, while bases in the teens look like the second screenshot? I dont want to know any secret formulas, it just doesnt seem to be viable, and support has no idea either. The only 3 real...
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    Stutter just before 100% destruction & crash

    Has anyone else noticed since the last update just before you get 100% destruction the game stutters? During mp I get it with no big issues, but just had my second instance of a critical war hit in a very close war crashing at this moment. As if sandbagging weren't enough to get frustrated...
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    Was there a change to war rank/weight calculations?

    Just started a new war. We usually see people move 1-2 ranks up or down at most, never really more, our rankings are pretty consistent and have been for months. But not today! This war many many people in our alli went up or down 5+ ranks, some changed over 10 ranks. I went from 2 to 12...
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    Are the crashes this morning part of the anniversary event?

    Im blazing through the training event with crash feature + training speed feature. Thx Nexon for the easy event! Just kidding. FYI for anyone not in game, crashes have been constant all morning lol. Something is up.
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    Nexon can you help us understand your stance on war issues?

    I was so excited when glory came out. Finally a war leaderboard. I actually thought they got a lot of the components right on paper, and still do...but there are some serious problems crippling war for so many people now. I can't really find any official Nexon commentary on pretty much any of...
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    Can you provide an update on the network connection crashes

    Is it possible to get an update on the network connection disconnect and subsequent crashes. It's not been too bad for me but for many people in the alliance it is happening constantly and they literally cannot play. Horrible experience for them. It's all over the bugs forum from players but...
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    Here is what I love about the force quit fix

    My very first attack after upgrading I crashed, I got some network error message, never got it on a crash before. I crash maybe 1-2x a week now (compared to 2-4x a day before the engine upgrade). My first thought was "they fixed force quit and then re-introduced common crashes lol". Couldnt...
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    Do all riflemen have the same targeting priorities?

    With all the attention paid to AI problems since the last update, someone in our alli spotted something and I dont know the answer. If you look at a british rifle, it says its favorite target is "enemy troops". If you look at my roman rifles, it simply says "any" as a favorite target. My...
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    With stability improved, will you fix force quit?

    Im really eager to see this exploit fixed. Would love to have defense meaningful again, and quit losing out on defensive wins, resources and sprung traps to phantom attacks every single day multiple times? Here is the last community poll done on it, during the midst of probably the worst...
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    35v35 queues taking hours

    Just an FYI. 35v35 alliance war queues are taking several hours now, they only took 0-60 minutes in the past. Leaves leaders in a position of either having to exclude active and good members (unfair to them), or not have any wars running for long stretches of time (boring an unable to have...
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    No new members?

    Anyone else notice this since the patch? Have never had trouble getting members by dropping medal requirement some and setting us to open, but since the patch we've had 0 join (only people we recruit and they search for us manually). Anyone know of any changes there?
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    New alliance mail feature feedback

    I really think its a huge step forward in alliance communications, thank you. But I also think its so limited it doesnt really help the way it could if there were some more small changes. Right now its limited to just a sentence or two, more like an alliance tweet. Any chance we could have...
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    Donated troops disappearing

    Ive noticed in the past 2 weeks or so, my donated troops keep disappearing (the ones requested in chat, not the war map ones). I'd say this happens maybe 10-20% of the time now. I request in chat, see the donation text when someone responds, and then nothing shows in my TC. I then have to...
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    Feedback: Storm/Siege train speed event

    Hi, I usually just lurk on the forums. But, I wanted to post and say thanks for doing the storm/siege event. Being able to attack and rebuild faster made the game so much more fun. I never really used foot/cannons so I had to adjust, but still enjoyed it. I played more, spent more crowns...