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    Inter-alliance artifact trading feature

    That would be awesome. An option to 'loan' artifacts to alliance-mates would be nice. The artifact(s) can be made available to alliance-mates and whoever wants to use it can borrow it with an option available to the artifact's owner to retrieve the artifact when they choose as well as if they...
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    Artifact ReRoll event

    So would I. An option to craft multiple artifacts (similar to fusing in the Council building) instead of painfully crafting artifacts one at a time in the current mind-numbing manner. Displaying 2-4 artifacts per craft would make it more fun and less of a chore than it already is.
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    Saving sets in Museum and see VIP level

    Players should be able to save different sets of museum artifacts - both MP and WW. At least 2 sets for each MP and WW museums.
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    3rd Armory Slot

    This must be done