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    Global Leaderboard

    that is completely nuts. it is quite crazy there seems to be no server side verification on point allocation so i would guess someone is using some sort of memory tampering bug due to lack of server side checks.
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    Forest Clearing Bug

    happy to help. please update us on progress.
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    Any news on the university speed up bug?

    the door swings both ways. to this day they have still not fixed all the old enigmas. They still give 85% faster research. So anyone with the old enigmas has completed their universities.
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    Forest Clearing Bug

    Still no response??? does BHG not monitor these forums?
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    January Legendary Token Calendar

    loving it too. been waiting forever for it. super excited.
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    January Legendary Token Calendar

    awesome! thank you.
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    Forest Clearing Bug

    BHG announced they fixed the forest clearing bug. This is incorrect. I reported this 2-3 weeks ago and customer service sent a typical mail back saying they will look into it. i have not seen any update on it. You can stil clear forest instantly with zero cost, zero citizens and zero time. The...
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    Unlimited Tupelovs

    think this was fixed wasn't it?
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    DomiNations v11.1 Update

    what bug fixes were sorted??? is there a patch notes i can read. All defenders who has tubman completed is still waiting for a fix so the command post does not determine what the level defenders the houses spawn. Essentially this nerfed all defenders with tubman so that the max age of rifleman...
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    Comprehensive Guide: The Secret to planning & strategy

    Read the full guide on every aspect from: multiplayer war economy tips & strategies optimization (includes interactive calculators to assist planning) Museum & Shipyard And much more!!! The guide has been a collaborative work from a multitude of alliances over several weeks - and the work is...