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    I need to talk to you please

    Instead of working towards VIP 15, you should take that money and hire an attorney. That would get their attention.
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    BHG is punishing for Artifact Exploit…

    BHg is punishing for Artifact Exploit discussion, Inan back after a week suspension here on the forums. BHG didn’t like my tone and screen caps. To date, I may have had the stiffest sanctions related to the artifact cheating…anyone know of one cheater that lost artifacts? I’m still very...
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    Alleged "Ares bot"

    I’ve been warned not to post screen cappped conversations from discord here by BHG. Should I take their enforcement seriously? Honestly should I be more worried about being banned for a screen capped? More so than those that are actually stealing from BHG’s revenues and knowingly cheating...
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    When everyone leaves this broken game..

    Very fair question. Before this latest artifact bot, token and legendary sales BS, I was always under the impression the cheats were rampant, but not tied to the top alliances. I know, silly me. I also thought it was the cheaters always being one step ahead of BHG. With this latest round of...
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    BHG, it’s time to communicate to your players

    BHG are cowards..they will get what they deserve. People are no longer spending real money, and many are just leaving the game. Sad
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    When everyone leaves this broken game..

    What game doing I start playing, if I walk away from my 2 Drone age bases..spent too much Money and Time to be overrun by cheaters. So stupid BHG allows it, openly and even lies to protect them.
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    If ur alliance has cheaters….

    There are some good dudes in ares, very involved, but this stuff surfacing looks pretty pretty pretty bad
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    If ur alliance has cheaters….

    In error I painted an entire alliance with a broad brush. If your alliance has a cheater, it doesn’t automatically mean the entire alliance is made up of cheaters. However, if you know someone is cheating, and you protect them, or allow them to continue to cheat for the benefit of the alliance...
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    Drone Command - A closer look

    Where do I sign up for beta??
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    End Legendary Chests

    I am VIP 8 and VIP 5, I’m no longer spending money on VIP 5 account. The Legendary Chests are a complete rip off for money and tokens. They seems to be upsetting anyone who purchases them. It’s insulting. While I have your ear, can you have Marco bring a trade for useless items like I give...
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    Member Recruitment

    We are top 65-75 alliance, #73 I think right now, we could take all 8 if you guys. We war back to back to back but if players need a break they can opt out. We use Discord to war plan and share info. We have a max parliament, which really helps lower age players advance. Come check us out at...
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    September Legendary Token Calendar

    Bunch of poo poo. Please put Huey in a 3 or 5 day event soon!!!
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    Glory Decay Update

    I think if an alliance loses a war on either time or destruction, the losing alliance should not lose any glory. The winner still gets the glory awarded.
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    What's Your Ideal Video Reward?

    Tokens, Crowns, Black Hawk Medics, Ikes, General TTs
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    Duplicate legendary artifacts.

    I’d like to trade my 45 diamond mines for anything in Marco Polo.
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    Reaching level 300?

    Yup, traps 1st, then farms u til it requires 4 workers, then same for caravans. Now barracks are worth upgrading and don’t forget about generals and other troops you use.
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    Summer of Ages 2022?

    With looting artifacts and legendaries, as well as significantly increased raiding bonuses, the summer of ages event is pretty useless now. They should swap from RSS discounts to worker discount and/or time reduction. Otherwise it’s pretty useless now.
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    June Token Calendar

    When will the June token calendar be out? Asking for a friend.
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    Legendary Token Calendar: May

    June calendar?!?!?!? Anyone!?!?!? Can I pick the weekly 100 and 300 legendaries?
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    VIP Store Update

    I have 41 diamond mines..can you create a item in the VIP menu that allows my to trade diamond mines for something useful. Like supplies, crowns, General troop cards?!?!?