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  1. Bleauey

    Strategy app?

    I have seen some videos and also images of some players having a way to take screenshot of a base and than have abiltiy to put icons on photo to show strategy of attack. Anyone who can help thank you.
  2. Bleauey

    Alliance Rankings?

    Like to know about rankings for Alliances. Are there any rankings more than top 100? If so link?
  3. Bleauey

    Donated troops no extras?

    Finally completed getting my global age rifle/archer damage completed but any I donate do not carry the university research and also dont believe any library research i have completed. If theres a thread about this issue please direct. If not is this an oversight be developers or is it to...
  4. Bleauey

    Allies ranking scoring? ?

    Hey hoping to get some feedback, please be detailed as I will positive or negative need to streamline my process. Last December got into bad car accident so was layer in bed for 3 months during which I created a "scoring" system to rate my fellow allies so we can grow and get weaknesses fixed...