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  1. ColdestRage

    Be advised before planning your first war attacks after the update

    I already wrote it in the Bugs section, just FYI. City Center’s range got extended after the update. Right now City Center has a spawn range longer by 2 tiles than it had before the update. Without knowing that and experiencing it firsthand at war attacks I messed up both of my attacks,so...
  2. ColdestRage

    City Center spawn radius after the update

    After the update City Center’s spawn radius got extended by a range of 2. Till now City Center’s spawn radius was same as it was shown once you click on your City Center ( 5 range diagonaly and horizontaly from the edge of City Center) Right now City Center spawns at a radius that’s longer by a...
  3. ColdestRage

    April 2017 Design Spotlight

    Guess that's how BHG rolls . They hear only opinions of whales , and have rest of community there where sun doesn't reach. You'll see BHG , that after a week's time at least 25% of players will leave. With next update you'll have only either hardcore players, masochists, or whales, your player...
  4. ColdestRage

    Stalemates v 2.0

    Out of 7 wars my alliance been in recently we stalemated in 5 . And why's that? Do we only meet strong attackers? No, the reason is simpler than that. Ability to take to war attack unlimited event/bought troops , and expedition troops. I do understand that event troops , bought troops and...
  5. ColdestRage

    Luxury Estate bug

    Good evening. I think I found a bug that's live with new update. Seeing as Nexon stated that all building and structures will be availble to buy with resources , and there will NOT be a building ever created for which only option to have it is to buy it with real money I think that Game...
  6. ColdestRage

    What's the current housing market doing?

    Now, after hearing it costs 50 dollars I'm like
  7. ColdestRage

    What's the current housing market doing?

    Well once I heard it can be bought witn real money only I was like