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    February Legendary Token Calendar

    God stop fucking annoying people with Da Vinci. Geez.
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    The increased presence of Muet and Tinsoldier is YAS (yet another scam)

    Ok guys. So everybody knows by now that BHG does NOT listen to players and NEVER stick to their promises. I could list countless events of not listening to players and countless evens of not sticking to their promises (estate would never be discounted, polo would be free stuffs, there would be...
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    Dominations piece of crap can't get worse. Here is why?

    BHG_Muet has been bought here obviously to milk the fuck out of this dying cow.... This is his ONLY goal, not 'game balancing', bug or exploit fixing. I also have a theory that TinSoldier is not a community servant/beta tester or whatever the fuck that is. He is a programmer that monitors...
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    Thank you Tinsoldier and Muet

    First of all, sorry for insulting muet and tell him to fuck off! Well he needs to for the crap of a job he is doing but this is the not the time for that. Instead, I wish to thank him! Been playing dominations for a long time in top 100 alliance. Trying to put up with cheaters using 4 vickers...
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    Cheating alliance

    test 12345678
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    Reporting cheaters post

    TinSoldier BHG_Muet ​​​​​​​Cheating players from союз союз alliance: PossibleCheat(s) used: i) Modded apk (most probable due to account creation. ii) ModdedApk with millions of crowns iii) Speedups cheats Check maxed univesity which is not possible. Check crowns purchase history. Current...
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    Post your great war museum artifacts here!

    Only the best! Let's get the ball rolling :D I'll add mine from home.
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    Alliances ranking/GP reset

    It's been a long long time since you guys removed GP from inactive alliances. TinSoldier BHG_Muet . You should run this unannounced asap....It's ridiculous people have to ask for these to be run....
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    Why has the post about king Miller cheating been deleted?

    TinSoldier Here is evidence of the cheating... There is another 300k XP worth of cheating to reset and any university gains....DO NOT DELETE THREADS.
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    University Research discount help

    Can anybody tell me how does the university discount bonus from mansa musa, hiawatha and atomium works? I tried 2 formulas but it's still way off. FORMULA 1: First one 60%+10% on base time it takes to research Research name Original days 60% discount mansa 70%...
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    SH fix on defense

    Anybody notice that SHs are no longer being filled in all bases by EAs on defense and that the cheap wankitos are using it only on offense? If only nexon could fix the offense part.... It's hilarious in our last war all attacks were of KAs and EAs on our bases and all their SHs had polo craps...
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    Nice looting artifact!

    good if using apc/rifles/healer combo
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    How much XP is needed to change levels?

    Any spreadsheets on this data? And xp gained per buildings/traps etc at different levels?
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    Cheating Alliance MindBlitz leader FaTaL Avenger

    This is the leader of the alliance who besides bagging for his sorry excuse of an alliance to get easy matchups, cheats with bugs and attack with 6 cards....This is 100% replicable. There is no replay bug on SH troop deployment...
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    Immortal Kings alliance GP 24.6K looking for IA+ players. WW Rec: W:110 L:5 D:1

    Immortal Kings alliance Glory 24.6K looking for IA+ players in a bid to push for the leaderboards. WIN RATIO: 94.8%! - WW Record: W:110 L:5 D:1 - War replays, tutorials. - Personal coaching if needed. - Comprehensive war strategy. - Discord required. PS: Offenses not rushed more than 1 age.
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    Immortal Kings alliance GP 24,360 looking for IA+ players. WW Rec: W:105 L:5 D:1

    Immortal Kings alliance Glory 24,360 looking for IA+ players in a bid to push for the leaderboards. - WW Record: W:105 L:5 D:1 - War replays, tutorials. - Personal coaching if needed. - Comprehensive war strategy. - Discord required. PS: Offenses not rushed more than 1 age...
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    Ways Nexon can fix the NTGs current problem before CWA

    Here are a list of possible work arounds Nexon could implement before Cold War Age and the potential fiasco for those players wrt wars. A minor problem could get into a major one and get out of hands... i) NTGs past your storehouse limit goes in your inventory. - Effect: Major ii) The random...
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    Silo bug - Wrong targetting of troops

    Why does this stupid silo goes after like 50 archers and 3 FHs when on the other side of the map there is 3 tank detroyers and a level 21 Joan with coalitions for a combined HP of about 150k....Is there some explanation for this? Besides, ruining my attack, stupid thing crashed right after...
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    APC question

    Ok had two different answers and need a definete official one. Do APCs built by German or Japanese infantry generate those nation specific troops when donated to other nations? TinSoldier Nb4powerup
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    Home and warbase of mods!

    Hi Nb4powerup TinSoldier Instead of the usual complaints of bugs and the likes, it would be fun if you guys can post your town and war base for us to see. Of course, edit out your alliance and game name if you wish! This should be fun :D