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    Loosing XP

    Mysteriously, I lost XP today. I was at lvl 149 and then my Airship Mk3 upgrade finished pushing me to lvl 150. Few hours later, I noticed I'm back at lvl 149, and it seems at the same XP as before the Airship Mk3 upgrade. Has anyone had this issue?
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    2 Blacksmiths for Global Age makes sense

    I don't have Global Age yet. I'm an iOS user. However, with 2 more troops and 1 more air unit, 10 more levels per general (60 levels in total), more troop, tactics, planes upgrades in Armory, I think it would make sense to add an additional blacksmith. I'm in IA and I calculated that it would...
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    Gatling Guns/Machine Gunners

    Does anyone use Gatlings/Machine Gunners on a regular basis? It just seems that they die too quick so I use riflemen instead. It's kinda too bad because I think that there is great potential in them if they wouldn't die so quick or wouldn't take up 4 troops spaces. Tell me your experiences...