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  1. Hivesy-Deluxe

    River options

    I think it would be great to introduce a river leading from the sea right through your base. new twists that could provide: Offensive amphibious units - assault dinghys full of marines? Scuba diving commandos? Landing craft/hovercraft a navy (we have army and airforce why not navy?) -...
  2. Hivesy-Deluxe

    Upgrades not showing when you click on them.

    This has been going on forever but ive only just got round to posting this. Its really annoying when items dont show the upgrade image when you want to upgrade them, if im going to spend money or resources i want to see what im going to get :) currently it seems to be all traps, SAM, barbed...
  3. Hivesy-Deluxe

    Multiple troop launching at the start of an attack - stacking

    Much the same as a real general in real war I'd like to be able to tell ALL of my tanks to appear in location 'x' and all of my troops to appear at location 'y' to start an attack. It's ludicrous that I have to hold my finger on a location to launch my forces one at a time. For someone like...