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  1. Mcnasty

    Glory values wrong

    Has anyone else notice that the glory shown during war is completely wrong from the actual outcome? we just finished a war. Win 1008 glory. Lose -202 glory. We lost and lost 1008 glory war before that one. Win 800 and something. Lose -100 and something. We won and got 329 glory
  2. Mcnasty

    Up coming event.

    Does anyone know if these supply drops are considered a mystery chest and count towards the event?
  3. Mcnasty


    what’s everyone’s thoughts on apc’s.
  4. Mcnasty

    New update

    The new update seems pretty good. I like the retrain feature and they increased the rewards from watching videos. Also the new perk levels seem pretty good
  5. Mcnasty

    War base donations

    Leaders should be able to see and remove war base donations from all war bases so when you get a member that donates crap to the bases you can remove them.
  6. Mcnasty

    Attack/Defense Logs Now Broken

    Mine are good on both accounts. I think they just hate you soooooo much that they make sure you get the sh!t end of the stick everytime and the stick is actually a shovel
  7. Mcnasty

    New update. Can’t load second account now

    I got the new update and now when I turn game centre off to load my second account the game centre log in screen doesn’t come up when I load the game. Anyone that does this have the same problem?
  8. Mcnasty


    was there an update or something in the past 24 hours? I scouted someone yesterday during planning day now when I try to scout them today to get ready to attack it says I need to update my game to view the base
  9. Mcnasty

    Replays on iOS and Android

    I watched the replay of me getting attacked and 5 starred last war. My replay on iOS was good. Showed the full attack and 5 stars. I watched it through an alliance members phone who is android and it shows 62% 1 star. Same troops used but it was a completely different attack. I have screenshots...
  10. Mcnasty

    Attack log- tactics used

    On my alter account I was 4 times now in a row where the attack log shows they used one tactic but the replay shows actual amount used. I watched the replays and they are good. 1. Attack log- 1 demo. Replay-6 2. Attack log- 1 barrage. Replay- 3 3.Attack log- 1 decoy 1 demo. Replay 2 of each 4...
  11. Mcnasty

    Little island by Marco polio

    I just noticed the little island by Marco polio so I don’t know how long it’s really been there. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas of what they’re going put there. It looks like someone is camping there
  12. Mcnasty

    Defending stronghold choppers

    I’m in a war and they have choppers in one of their strongholds. Any suggestions on what’s best to take them out? Will my planes take them out?
  13. Mcnasty

    Check out this fun base

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  14. Mcnasty

    Planning day

    has anyone else noticed that planning day isn’t really 24 hours? I start wars around 9 pm eastern standard time. Attack day starts at around 8 pm eastern standard time. Where does that hour go? I thought it was supposed to be 24 hours for each. CS said I was wrong and that War lasted exactly 48...
  15. Mcnasty

    Canada scumdogs

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  16. Mcnasty

    Who really are the cheaters and hackers

    Do you think maybe the reason that so many cheaters and hackers are being left alone is because they are nexon employees?
  17. Mcnasty

    No more ideas.

    How about we stop trying to give them new ideas right now and give them time to fix everything else let war matches, crashes, glitches, cheaters, hackers, Marco polio, etc. Please feel free to add anything I missed.
  18. Mcnasty

    Canada scumdogs

    Looking for active members who like to have fun talk shit and destroy. Sense of humour is a must. Cry babies not welcome
  19. Mcnasty

    Canada scumdogs

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  20. Mcnasty

    Canada scumdogs

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