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    Christian new players, looking for a friendly alliance that shares your values?

    Come check out our newly formed Alliance, " Christian Unite". Family friendly, we're respectful and supportive of each other. We play two or three world wars a week. Welcome new, inexperienced players. Stop by for a visit, if you like what you see, join us.
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    Small but very active World War oriented alliance looking for new members.

    come check out "Benevolence" a World War oriented alliance. We're on a constant war cycle, so if gaining big loot quickly is something you'd like to get on, come join us. We're a friendly, supportive alliance, no trash talk allowed. Stop by and say " Hi".
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    Small alliance welcomes new players, come check us out.

    Hi, if you're enjoy playing DomiNations and would like to join a new player friendly alliance, please come check out " Benevolence".
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    Actively recruiting new members for a war oriented alliance.

    Come and join an new member friendly alliance "Benevolence". We are a very World War active clan, staging a war every couple of days. Our rules are simple, respect for your fellow alliance members, active donations, active participation, checking the chat room for announcements and strategies...