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  1. Cannibals

    New targeting tactics

    It would be great if we had new battle tactics that alter units’ preferred targets in a small area for a short time. There would be different tactics corresponding to different target types. When used, any unit affected will change its attack preference to targets of the selected type e.g. any...
  2. Cannibals

    Troop Tactics used but not gone

    Troop tactics that were used in war battle are still available after the battle. Not sure, but maybe instant retrain is restoring them? Something is hinky.
  3. Cannibals

    Event question

    For the Christmas task it says I need to earn stars against enlightenment targets and industrial targets. If I upgrade to Global, will it stay that way? Or will it change to say that I need to earn stars against industrial and global targets? I’m concerned that after I upgrade to global then...
  4. Cannibals

    There is not enough room at your Mercenary Camp!

    I can’t use cleared forest land without recruiting the uncovered mercenaries. And I can’t recruit uncovered common mercenaries unless I sacrifice my current premium mercenaries. This is becoming more of a problem with the additional VIP and video retrains. TinSoldier can this be made so...
  5. Cannibals

    SA War Weights are Broken

    We are halting wars (again) until the SA war weights issues are fixed (again). They seem to have reverted back to wrong values with the last release. We don’t have any DA in our ranks, so those fixes have no bearing on us, We are tired of too-easy matches worth very little glory where our top...
  6. Cannibals

    Looted Resource Refund question

    Is the Looted Resource Refund Bonus you can earn from artifacts capped at 85% like most other bonuses? If so, does it go up to 95% for Korea (with their nation’s refund bonus) similar to how training time cap goes up to 95% for French (with their nation’s training bonus)?
  7. Cannibals

    Priority to fix hacks and exploits

    Which of these cheats as seen in events, war, and multiplayer play should be given high priority to fix? (choose more than one)
  8. Cannibals

    VIP Store

    I’m liking that supplies are available in the VIP Store in exchange for excess researchers and benefactors.
  9. Cannibals

    Poll: Absence of the Training Blessing

    I’m furloughing all citizens because gathering resources for upgrades is too boring without a working training blessing. What is your opinion about the broken training blessing?
  10. Cannibals

    Nex Luthor

    Nexon acts quickly to thwart Superman, but can’t seem to fix war battles not counting :(
  11. Cannibals

    Replay issues

    I just watched a replay against our war base where the replay shows 3 stars while the war result shows 5 stars. I don’t think there was cheating involved ... it is easy to see exactly where in the replay the attacker triggered a rally on a a blank spot on the map where likely during the actual...
  12. Cannibals

    New Event Leaderboard

    Vote to rank which event defect is the leading FAIL! (Vote for more than one)
  13. Cannibals

    Fun/Fair War Matches

    The search parameters for wars are team size, war weight, war weight distribution, glory, and search time. Of you have exhausted the supply of opponents similar to yourself, then you will get mismatched war opponents of you wait long enough for a match. Before Nexon initiated the immediate...
  14. Cannibals

    Stop the fake 5* battle results with #checksum

    The battle result says they 5* your base, but the replay shows an impossible victory after a few seconds of combat by a handful of weak troops. This is annoying in MP but completely overturns the outcome of wars. This is not healthy for the game. Enough already! Nexon could easily prevent...
  15. Cannibals

    WW Allies Not Fixed

    All our bases can receive 3 less allies in WW than in MP. I think the Soldier Exchange Program is still fubar.
  16. Cannibals

    No one is cheating

    I say “no one” because our latest WW match is alliance level 1, has no alliance name, several bases with no names, and all the bases appear to have been modified illegally as they have too few buildings and too much cleared land... This isn’t the first time matching...
  17. Cannibals

    Longer WW Search Times = Less Wars

    With the new WW matchmaking in place (or more specifically the glory reset) we are warring full time now. Unfortunately the longer search times mean that wars begin later and later in the day since the war clock starts when the match is finally made. This means that we are regularly skipping a...
  18. Cannibals

    AR + Invasion Event

    With AR being as it is, the upcoming Invasion Event will make wars ridiculous in terms of ties and times. We’re planning to sit out until it is over. Anyone have thoughts we’re missing why we should stay in?
  19. Cannibals

    Level 25 Washington?

    I got attacked in war by Medieval player with a level 25 Washington. During the battle replay it took 5 hits from an AA field howitzer. After the battle on the summary screen it appeared as level 1 casualty. The replay result matched the battle result. How is that possible?
  20. Cannibals

    Can’t progress golfing event

    Diamonds and NTGs don’t register when storage is full.