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  1. Funks

    I.A. Level 183

    Hey all.. been a while here, good to see its still crankin' Ive level 183 IA (nearly 184) hows Global? You GA guys get shredded by many above you? I dont get fully attacked much, its getting boring, maybe I should move on up?? What do you think?
  2. Funks

    LOL are you serious with these prices. Comon!

    Silly people or people with no money sense must be spending this much!? No wonder nexon have made mega millions latterly O_O $80 for that!? HAHAHA
  3. Funks

    Events are too easy, claim period too long

    Title pretty much explains this post basically. Maybe Ive been playing too long and know the tricks, or maybe I play too much (I dont think so now).. but the events are really easy. Nearly every time theres days left before it finishes and then a too longer claim period. Be good if you could...
  4. Funks

    Domination is actually really expensive!

    Have they put the cost of crowns up? I mean here (AUS/NZ) $15.99 for 1200 crowns! Jeez. In the higher ages that amount of crowns are gone in a blink. Maybe look at bringing it in line with most other games Nexon! Its too costly now :(
  5. Funks

    National trade goods..

    Yeah we know Nexon.. since the Stronghold 'updated' the national trade goods per 5 star payout has been cut. 4th time in a row just now & under 1:30 seconds to fully clear, nothing again. Very lame Nexon, comon guys!
  6. Funks

    No Dojo!!

    Completed when this stupid stronghold update was on... claimed the nothing! So over this crap. What gives nexon!? Jeeez!
  7. Funks

    Device In game timeout

    This needs to be lengthened my device is already maxed out in sleep mode, its not the device its the game. You quickly shoot off to answer a call or grab a beer like 1 or 2 mins MAX and the freakin games black screened again, grrr
  8. Funks

    Im-game Colored Font?

    Have Nexon removed this feature now? Im sure I could type [000]fff and type in a different colour, was handy being a clan leader as a shout out for quick important stuff... or am I just doing it wrong? :(
  9. Funks

    You think this guys hacking??

    Advanced walls, maybe hes just spent most his resources on walls? But it seems the rest of his gear is pretty up to date too (though a terrible base design >_< )
  10. Funks

    Wheres the allaince trade goods Nexon??

    Three or even more 5 star raid and yet no national trade goods, this is so lame Nexon. Five star raids should at least yield a much higher chance at gutting some Alliance items for WW flags, comon!!
  11. Funks

    Trench Mortar or Artillery?

    Hey what do you all use or would use..Trench Mortar or Artillery (Howitzers). Im just finding the Arty quite weak now :(
  12. Funks

    Inventory items just disappearing for no reason -

    I suggest everyone makes a list of all their inventory items and keep track. I’ve had quite a few simply vanish. Yet again you go to CS and you get told to screenshot the receipt! WHAT THE HECK!? Who screenshots receipts when you buy or win things from dock raids etc? (I just might now) CS...
  13. Funks

    Looks like the video for rewards is busted again! :(

    Watch a video and receive a "reward", it just hangs.... pretty sad Nexon. None of the other sites gets this nearly as much as it happens here :(
  14. Funks

    Current Elephant event isn't calculating gold correctly

    Tried to tell "customer support" in-game, 2 days ago, no reply. So Im here.. and sort of really pi**ed off tbh!! Like most here we spend a lot on this game, having events basically ripping us off in-game is one thing, having CS not even bothering reply a thorn in the side imo. See below guys -...
  15. Funks

    Dock / Raided troops - weak!

    The dock / raiding feature is a good side amusement yes, but the troops you get are SO weak, early ages! meant for players in the early times, theyre no help. Why cant they be age generated? IE: If youre Global, you get GBA troops, IA you get IA troops...!? Not hard right? would be too hard...
  16. Funks

    Oh wow, this is new, like hes an epic gardener..NB4 thread.

    Farm stuffed on top of his alliance gate haha, yeah I wouldve missed that.. :rolleyes: :confused:
  17. Funks

    Always check your re-train timers!

    Hmmm ok :confused: :( ...
  18. Funks

    Best General?

    Hi all Hey who is the very best overal general please? What one should I pour my hard earned oil over. Im in IA class btw. Cheers.
  19. Funks

    Event start times

    I and a lot of other players are in the Southern Hemisphere Nexon, you know, the one opposite from the north where you are I bet.. why the heck cant you start your events to be more in line with a slightly more practical time down here!? Getting sick of either waiting up at some crazy time in...
  20. Funks

    Nexon... fix your servers! Juessh!

    I'm on 200mbps fibre, please don't insult me anymore by saying this crap is my connection.. Trust me, it is not! ! I had to log out twice and reboot just to get back to my clan site :mad: