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    War attacks crashing like crazy

    OK--how many of you are experiencing war crashes right after clicking Scout or Attack on war opponents? The behavior: as soon as I hit Scout or Attack, the loading screen begins, the screen goes black (like the map is about to launch), and the app crashes. This is happening on an iPhone 6S and...
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    Please fix artillery damage as defensive units

    It's being heavily exploited by almost all war teams we face. I literally just lost 145 troop space in seconds to a single artillery unit I couldn't gun down. I assume that's not working as intended and it's been going on for months.
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    Please change AI for targeting buildings inside walls

    Please, please, please adjust the AI for troops targeting buildings inside walls. I've lost numerous battles because my cannons (and other troops) target a building located out of range inside a walled area and then follow along the wall to get to a place where the building is in range... right...
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    Considering switching from Japanese to Germans...

    I recently hit Enlightenment with the Japanese. I'm finding I'm taking advantage of the longer treaties and the TC tower attack less and less. I like the Samuri, but see that the German footies are even better. I'd love a bit of help in the post-calv attack nerf... should I consider switching to...
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    Last Rites recruiting - laid back group, looking for active players

    Last Rites, an alliance with a mix of different level players, has open spots. We have a few guiding principles: - Stay active! Even if you can't play daily, check in often! Keep those upgrades coming! - Donate/Receive troops! Help and be helped! - Be respectful. Help make the alliance a group...
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    Lost medals, crowns, and alliance--and I'm back in my old alliance!

    See lots of others posters--thought I'd add my own issues: - Not only did I lose my alliance, but it put me back into my old alliance. Now I can't leave it. Every time I do, I get a message within 5 seconds saying I've joined it. If I quickly try to join a different alliance, I get a message...