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    Upgrade bug

    Since the new update the game is very unstable. Be grateful if you could sort this out. Am on a samsung. if you could provide me with crowns and resources so i havent lost out over the last few days that would be useful.
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    Blessing for Supplies/Fragments

    As it says on the tin. Two blessings which would: 1. Reduce the cost of supplies in levelling up. 2. Increase the production rate of fragments. it would also mean another lvl to upgrade the temple.
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    Has there been an update? The museum sell option looks/works a little different and the university leaders have an updated look. Anyone notice anything else?
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    Resources - Again

    The issue of time taken to gain resources versus the ability to use those resources remain a distinct flaw in the gameplay. multiplayer battle is almost entirely dependent on the need to obtain resources however the relative ease of filling storage and the long upgrade times means i am again...
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    Is there a limit to the number of goods you can have in the inventory? I currently have x96 Leather, can I get above 100?
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    Guess what this post is about!

    So a couple of questions about the museum... 1.Why does my first upgrade relate to paratroopers which i dont have yet, but I have to upgrade further for an oil boost (which i can use). 2.How many artifacts are there in total? 3.are the number of posts about the museum a sign that it is: a)...
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    Timed Quest

    TinSoldier My latest times quest is to get 285 medals in multiplayer in 3days. its been going for 3hrs and i should have 10 medals but have only been credited 3.
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    Crown usage and player stats

    TinSoldier I was just wondering a couple of things. 1. Does anyone actually use crowns to buy food/gold. I can see its used for troop cards and buildings. I can imagine you might use it for oil if youve got your upgrade plan wrong somewhere. But why would anyone use it to get food/gold when...
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    I just attacked someone in multiplayer. They are at classical and I'm at industrial....
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    Wanna brew?

    I've got 75 teapots. I know being a Brit I should be obsessed with tea but honestly this is getting ridiculous. I've got no plans to particpate in WW at the moment. So the tea is utterly redundant and is simply clogging up my inventory. can we please get Marco polo to include some offers for...
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    Marco polo

    Hi, bug for Marco polo. Whenever I try to visit I get kicked out of the game.
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    Map Layers

    I would find it really useful to be able to see my defensive coverage in one place to ensure I'm getting the best out of my defensive buildings. an additional Map layer would allow me to see the splash radius for example of all my catapults etc
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    Oil bonus

    Hi, I have just destroyed someone's oil building but didn't get the usual bonus. I am pretty sure it's the only oil building he has. what gives? cheers.
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    Marco Polo / National trade goods

    As I don't do WW at the moment Marco Pilot is of pretty limited value for me. I am though keen to get the crowns for the Marco Polo trades. So I have changed several Cheeses for scrolls (or whatever the deal is) and no have quite a lot of stuff I can't claim in my hold. I also have a max (or...
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    We're gonna build a wall!

    OK. So I have built a wall. And you know who has paid for it? Me, well by invading other nations and taking all of their stuff so you could say Mexico. I have maxed out at lvl 11 and have very carefully checked my wall. It's a beautiful wall. but in layout editor and build suggestions I...
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    Video not working

    I am not receiving the crowns from watching videos. The video usually plays but then freezes on the screen which says your reward is on its way closing this screen will not affect.... anyway. I am having to close the screen and am definitely not receiving the crowns.
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    Anniversary Event

    So, has anyone else finished the anniversary event already? just wondering if the final targets for events can be made more difficult. I seem to have done the last few pretty quickly