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  1. Motaz Tarek

    lost donated troops bug

    this is kindda ancient bug when i lose troops donated while on a loading screen i really don't know why nexon hasn't fixed that bug till now litterly this bug has been around since the game launched and it's really getting so annoying now because I don't recieve troops rightaway when donated and...
  2. Motaz Tarek

    the good and the bad about last update

    first of all the retrain video is the best feature ever added, hope it never gets removed or modified to cost resources in the future basically it means what i used to spend in war in terms of resources and trade goods is now cut in half not only that but i dont have to worry about missing my...
  3. Motaz Tarek

    Viet nam pro WW cheaters

    we got matched with an alliance called viet nam pro currently ranked in top 100 but much lower glory score than us this alliance uses cheat bases and maximize all it's capabiities to CWA then includes it in war once war match picks a team for them they hire 3 lvl7 defensive coalitions for that...
  4. Motaz Tarek

    New change to silos, and requested mechanics

    probably few noticed but silo now targets decoys if they have higher hp than ur troops nice new change and fair enough requested change to silos from my point of view are:- 1- target indicator should be always on not only after it fires cuz no one can predict if his squishy troops got higher...
  5. Motaz Tarek

    5* attack cheat is back (solid proof)

    the video says everything this guy attacked me the same way few weeks ago and i reported him to CS they did nothing to him and he is still roaming in the game with his cheat i got no idea how many players are using it and since replays are still inaccurate we can neither deny or confirm if...
  6. Motaz Tarek

    CWA barracks bonus is a big lie

    i noticed that the usual bonus stats we get per age for each troop in blacksmith upgrades is now split between blacksmith upgrades and barracks upgrades for example british rifles gain only + 4 dmg in armory upgrade and +9 dmg per barrack upgrade (idk if it stacks) so thats 4+9x3= 31 extra dmg...
  7. Motaz Tarek

    APCs soldiers benefit only from american coalition

    that was CS response on my inquiry about APCs soldiers although many players told me it's aztecs that boosts APCs soldiers can anyone confirm that?
  8. Motaz Tarek

    why horse and archer cards exist?

    something that bothers me so much, why horse cards and archers still exist even for AA am getting offered these cards in boats and victory chest they have lower stats than true AA unit cards for example tank cards lvl 6-7 have double stats of horse cards lvl 6-7 AA horse cards offer them for...
  9. Motaz Tarek

    rally is completely useless and unusable now

    before i say why, the cause is troop type dependant and mainly cuz of tactical helicopters previously tactical helicopters responding to (attack) rally wasn't much of an issue cuz it had plenty of hp and wasn't targeted by anti tank guns but now i almost lose my tactical helios in every...
  10. Motaz Tarek

    why new troops get added to troop cards only?

    am noticing most of the new cool troops get added to troop cards only specifically ones that cost real cash any unit that get added to the game (barracks or factory) either useless from the start or get nerfed later to become useless too why nexon have no problem with the mighty elephant...
  11. Motaz Tarek

    tactical helio can be destroyed by anti tank guns

    another proof of how sneaky nexon have been treating their players i knew they were making under the hood changes throughout almost every single update without announcement but this update is the most significant proof only saying they r nerfed by 50% hp and speed, never mentioned they can be...
  12. Motaz Tarek

    RIP tactical helio

    7/7/2017 - 10/10/2017 and btw 70% general hp spawn really seems significantly weaker lol
  13. Motaz Tarek

    wish list for troop balance

    hi all, i thought of making a post about wishlist for everyone to changes he/she wishes to see happening to any troop come to his/her mind i'll start with myself, am playing this game since it was released and i've seen all the changes happened to all units, and am putting my wish list for what...
  14. Motaz Tarek

    Generals cooldown is so bad

    current generals cooldown is too long, and i mean really too long, and with the silo in game, generals are 100% to be put into cooldown after each battle, and not just an hour or too, mostly 6hrs+ and even for 21 hours that's really bad cuz 2 war attacks need to be done in 24hrs and the current...
  15. Motaz Tarek

    how the missile silo was a really bad idea

    am not complaining about it am just stating a fact about how it completely disturbed the basics of strategy game first am going to discuss some of the options a game moderator suggested as a solution for the new silo on reddit AMA post 1- sabotage, completely impractical, for a simple reason...
  16. Motaz Tarek

    bazooka sentry nerfed again?

    the current one on sale has 3429 hp (27% bonus from fortification blessing included) and 1380 damage that's another nerf after the previous one, yet the animation hasn't changed like the previous time it's a very welcomed change, now it can be taken down by 2 demolitions, i wonder if it's...
  17. Motaz Tarek

    be aware of new silo

    dont use fighters, if u do it will wait 20 secs and hit u with 2 missiles at the same time they target tactical helicopters dont put ur tanky units beside squishy ones when ur tanky units get low hp silo will switch to ur squishy units, so it's not necessary to keep shooting ur tanks till it...
  18. Motaz Tarek

    tactical helios future

    this is one of the best units added in game, and despite of some flaws, it's way better than the stupid weak supply trucks they don't have to cross walls, so they are less likely to be tricked into moving all the way around the base to heal a target or reach a rally through fenestrated wall...
  19. Motaz Tarek

    Generals need a boost against heavy tanks

    speaking about "players want to see their time/resouce investment in generals come to use" i really hate to see my lvl 32 napoleon dies miserably to a HT popping out from a factory it's really unlogic, Heavy tanks kill generals in no time, few shots and boom ur mighty general get flattened to...
  20. Motaz Tarek

    copying an idea from CoC here, is it good?

    so i see how nexon is not responsive to players' demands about upgrade times so a middle solution could be a clock tower that can shorten upgrade time for all ongoing upgrades for couple hours per day make it harder and cost sum of oil each time to activate or whatever, I don't mind, it's kindda...