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  1. Cielmers

    The newest event is impossible to achieve

    To the moderators I now really doubt that you actually play this game fairly or seriously. How can you give us a task that only a cheater can achieve that? 150 victories in less than a week? That impossible for me or the other players to achieve that. Especially when we are in higher medals...
  2. Cielmers

    I was able to purchase the started pack twice.

    My newest account now have 16 workers.
  3. Cielmers

    The Tactic Blessing

    TbH I'm really excited when the tactics blessing came in the last update. But after reseached the tactic blessing I feel like it is not helping so much. The time cut are to low. I know that the tactic blessing will be efficient If we play the game 3hrs non stop but who playing this game for...
  4. Cielmers

    To Nexon moderators.

    Moderators which one is you?? Seraphine Ironangel etc..
  5. Cielmers

    We need second armory..

    After the new update we need a second armory or we can do 2 works at armory.
  6. Cielmers

    More than just 1 WW and shortened the preparation time

    NEXON it is impossible to find 50vs50 match in WW. So why we can't have for more than 1 WW. For example we can do 15vs15 and another 30vs30 at the same time with different alliance as our opponent. Because it is so unfair to someone in the alliance that unable to participate in WW because hard...
  7. Cielmers


    NEXON some player in my alliace gave an idea that we should have option to naming our animal because of the shortage in workers. So here is some of my idea: - make the upgrading process in 5 part like to construct a wonder. But we still need to pay the upgrading cost full in advance (so doesn't...
  8. Cielmers

    This why we need replay and ban request in WW

    This guy 5 starred my base in less than 1 minutes. NEXON $10,000 worth of crowns are impossible to 5 starred a base in a minutes so please don't answer with *this player had use crowns to strengthen his army*.
  9. Cielmers

    Option to remove some of alliance troops donation..

    We need this in war base donation and in alliance gate donation.
  10. Cielmers

    War base defending general bug.

    Nexon someone ot our alliance shows that he had napoleon at his castle. But he doesn't have napoleon yet. Please fix this bug because it will make some misunderstanding in the future.
  11. Cielmers

    Just another NOOB question. WW reward?

    If someone manage to 5 starred a base then other player attack the same base that already 5 starred and manage to gain at least 1 star did he will get that base reward?
  12. Cielmers

    5 starred by level 190 player with motorcycle army in just 1 minute

    Nexon please ban this player.
  13. Cielmers

    Dominion alliances

    Come and join one of our DOMINION ALLIANCES. We are not famous yet and not at top of the leader board but we are more than just alliance we are family. Install line at your phone and add binarybrains (binary) by id and join our family.
  14. Cielmers

    Please move the air far from rally button..

    So many time I accidentally rally my troops when I'm trying to launch my zepp also my zepp accidentally launch when I'm trying to find another base.
  15. Cielmers

    Workers Blessing

    Can we have a blessing that can summon 2 or more workers for just 30 to 60 minutes. Because at higher age I never have any free workers to hunt or gathering.
  16. Cielmers


    Are reporting cheater have any real effect. Because every cheater who got banned can make a new account and cheating again because they have nothing to lose. Anyway here ine of them and like the majority of the cheater they have alien writing name.
  17. Cielmers

    Just a small thing but why not?💖💖💖😉

    I just always wondered that how much damage actually my units or defensive buildings dealt on every hit. So please give us rate of fire data. The data on units stats only give us dps stat but we never know how many second each attack needs.
  18. Cielmers

    Fix the AI please😯

    If just the HC just ignore the defender and Range unit stop shoting at building when there is defender beside. I will be so happy.
  19. Cielmers

    Multiple accounts? ?

    Please make us can play with multiple accounts at one phone.