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  1. snowleopard

    Early discount news would be great

    Just putting out the idea here in the forum that it will be great if Nexon announces discount news in forums or Facebook earlier (3-4 days before) rather than posting a day before or on the same day of the discount. This will help the players a lot in saving resources for the next upgrade.
  2. snowleopard

    Pay to Win "World War"

    While currently playing the world war, it is very clear to me that in the latest update, Nexon pushed pay to win strategy even further by reducing tactics space and immunity of Stronghold troops from sabotage. It is clear that without using the extra card armies I won't be able to 5 star any...
  3. snowleopard

    So what is your new tactics strategy with the New Update?

    I know a lot of people are not liking the new impact on the war academy. This is quite a bold decision by Nexon and I believe it can backfire them. However, the update is here and we have to live with that.Therefore, I am thinking what are the best combinations of tactics in every age to get the...
  4. snowleopard

    Make Dock Great Again

    Or just make it great because it was never great. With the clever introduction of the Stronghold, the game has become even more annoying for the non-spenders. I am out cards to fill in strongholds in world wars. I don't want to buy cards. My alliance is getting crushed by the spender alliance...
  5. snowleopard

    Top 3 Generals to Focus On

    I know this question had been asked multiple times. I looked for the answers but couldn't find in the forum. Therefore, I am throwing it again. What are the top 3 Generals to focus on to upgrade. Currently, all my Generals are level 10 and I want to upgrade them to Level 11 but not sure what are...
  6. snowleopard

    TIme for another University poll

    I am bringing back the University poll from the ashes with a different set of survey questions. So please vote and see where the Dominations community is heading. Suggestions welcome :)
  7. snowleopard

    Alternate theory on Stalemates and Alternative solution for sandbags

    Alternate Theory: As far as I know, sandbags started because of top alliances getting matched over and over with other top alliances and stalemating. Now some alliances are presenting solutions to remove stalemates altogether to discourage alliances to use sandbags. Well, I don't think so...
  8. snowleopard

    Post the cheaters here: Report Malicious activity

    I think there should be a sticky thread on posting the cheats where people can directly post the cheaters instead of posting separately that might allow some cheaters/malicious activity to go unnoticed. It might also help people to avoid attacking cheating alliances or cheaters. The moderator...
  9. snowleopard

    Airplanes suicidal tendency

    I have been noticing it for quite a long time that my airplanes wander the enemy territory on their own after I instruct them to kill a particular target. This becomes even worse when there are clear airplane traps(anti-air gun, towers, Sam battery) they will take 2-3 rounds over them before...
  10. snowleopard

    Fyper Support!!

    I completed a Game of War offer which gives 2800+ crowns. However, I didn’t receive crowns automatically after completing the offer. I contacted dominations support and they ask me to contact Fyber support regarding this. I did the same and got a reply that please post the screenshot of the...
  11. snowleopard

    Please ban Pakistan Hawks Alliance!!!

    So there is an alliance called Pakistan Hawks which happened to be in the top 100 alliance. As an Indian myself, I don't hate my neighboring country but what is written in their alliance statement really offends me. It is not only propagating the propaganda but also the hatred and divide in the...
  12. snowleopard

    Allies Donation. Is it a bug ???

    So I noticed it long ago but pointing it out now. Whenever you request for troops and log out of the game, the next time you log back in, only then you will see the donated troops getting into your Town Center. It hurts when I finished my raiding and ready to call it a night. I ask for...
  13. snowleopard

    Brandenburg gate or Statue of Liberty

    I am mulling over which wonder to choose BG: Gives you a Blitzkrieg power plus 20% factory troops attack. (I like the blitzkrieg but, since I don't use factory troops it is useless advantage to me) SOL: 20% Air unit attack and 250 oil daily. ( 20% air attack damage looks really good but 250...
  14. snowleopard

    University research poll

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to do a little survey here to reckon how many people in alliances are actually using University.
  15. snowleopard

    Garisson = Useless

    I still don't understand if there is any use of garrison troops rather than just an another building to hit. They just get battered by the riflemen and there is no use of them due to their incapability of shooting long range. I rather like the troops coming out of farms which are much efficient...
  16. snowleopard

    Estate Feedback Thread (Merged)

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