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    Duplicate legendary artifacts.

    don’t know if previously requested ,it will be nice to be able to trade duplicate legendary artifacts at Marco for tokens .
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    Today’s goals

    The collect diamonds and national trade goods is not registering them after a multiplayer attack .only registers if collect it from a national trade good supply ar trade good supply .
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    Heavy tank weak

    ht mk8 is being destroyed easily .seems like univ buff of da Vinci is not working
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    Air training blessing

    Why no air training blessing as rewards anymore
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    Air training blessing

    Why are we not getting anymore air training blessings as video rewards?
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    Let’s dance .fatality.the Muslims ...cheaters

    TinSoldier NEXON M Inc @muet. i challenge you to give us answer here to the community as to what is being done about this cheating alliance . In the war agains them we culd have easily beaten them with time .but we culd not because one base no 27 had no buildings on it visible during attack and...
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    nexon please brb cannot target innocent people in houses and farms .make it a def building only attack ...🤪
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    Assault Rally

    when will assault rally be fixed ? It was promised with next update .nothing was done . this needs urgent attention .
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    Base building assist

    I will like to see a screen grab feature when building a base to be able to move around all buildings and wall that have already been placed to make adjustments easier .or even move a whole base to a new corner .
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    Zeros need improvement

    please improve the hp of zeros from dock to make it a reasonable tactic .or at least have it linked with the age u are so as to not make it too strong for lower ages .
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    Tactics dilemma

    Tactics has always been a problem .u upgrade it becomes very strong .players use 6 or so of one tactic and then it gets nerfed ,this has been the trend with sabo ,betrayal ,decoy and now Assault tactic .players are using 6 in attack and walking thru any base .yes it will be nerfed . in my...
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    New assault tactic

    need clarification on new tactic .does the effect last after the building rallied on is destroyed or it continues .in my testing so far it seems it is cancelled when building is destroyed ,but if rally on empty spot it goes for full time at level researched. please give us info ..@tinsoldier
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    event rewards

    instead of gold and food which is of no use to many,give us supplies or blue prints .or better give us option like with league boat rewards.
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    nexon is taking action and lots of surprises. so hopefully we get some official response on this matter from nexon as the impact is huge ,and its there fault to let it get this bad to take action..
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    State of the nations

    We havent had one in a while so i will start one i am maxed cwa with only farms and camels not maxed .all univ and library and attack done just a little left on hannibal . update with patches was needed BUT not to the extent nexon has taken it,and walls still to come (yes thyey will...
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    tactics limits

    we have upgraded and spent a lot of crowns and time on tactics that u have made costly (2) space or decreased its worth eg.decoy,u have done enough for defence (and i speak as a defender ). u (nexon) mentioned u wuld like to see other tactics being used . a simple solution to this, u can limit...
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    Nomads cheaters

    We as invictus faced nomads several times and it is obvious they cheat we provide evidence but nothing is done about it .dominick in ythis war is atomic his planes dont get destroyed his field howie takes down my maxed and univ done atg in one shot ..evidence is clear .i have a bazooka sentry fo...
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    restart up alliances

    what ka and many others are doing is it fairplay .are they doing it from boredom or just being nasty with glory .
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    defence rediculously strong now

    with latest update the game is not worth playing anymore .even with cards it is difficult .nexon has not given us any improvement in attack except buy cards and even then if its not 7 ea as mercs and 4 ea card most bases will be hard to even 3 star .what a mix up NEXON .
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    christmas gift

    for all the greif nexon has given us .they better make it up to us with the coming festive season ,put ur ideas under here for nexon.