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    hi i just found out new bug

    Hi after i finish upgrading my catapult to lvl 3 when i was inside my base its ok not on upgrade mode but someone attaked me this afternoon i review the 2 defense log reply i found out my catapult is in updrading even i just finist it on lvl 3 i have SC on the reply and...
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    Account reset to dawn age BUG

    back on DAW AGE Hi im leader of alliance have 48 member and my account just went on DAW AGE!!! after attacking went back to loading screen then it hangs up so i restart the game and it happens my account went back. heres the screen shot.hope to get my account back. if not no more domination for...
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    i just reported this bug. on this picture you can see my accounts has 2 other copy
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    alliances war.

    Hi im Devilcry Leader of alliance ( i suggest to have alliance war in the game like clash of clans and a world chat so we can meet and recruit other player and not to get bored if no one is chatting in the alliance chat. then if possible a world map. thanks hope in the next...